What else have you backed ?

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Just for fun, what's the other project have you backed ?

Me personaly, I have backed planetary anihilation and planets³

The first one was an amazing project, maybe too big but I wanted to see where that was going.

The second, I liked minecraft and it looked like a good substitute. :)

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  • Hinterland

There have been a few:

- Hand of Fate (game)

- World 1-1 (film)

- Beauty (film)

- River City Ransom (game)

- Hyper Light Drifter (game)

- Nelvana of the Northern Lights (graphic novel)

- Interview with a Time Traveller (film)

- Neverending Nightmares (game)

- Death Road to Canada (game)

- Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (game)

- 1979 Revolution (game...didn't hit its goal)

- Cosmochoria (game)

- The Long Dark (shhh!)

- Steep (mug)

- Machine Era Wallet (wallet)

- Dungeonmans (game)

- Satellite Reign (game)

- H-Hour: World's Elite (game)

- Wish I Was Here (film)

- Infinite Space (game)

- Roam (game)

- Football Heroes (game)

- Project Eternity (game)

- Planetary Annihilation (game)

- Republique (game)

- The Banner Saga (game)

- Wasteland 2 (game)

- Raindrop (didn't make it)

- Beard: The Card Game (didn't make it)

- The Realm Game (didn't make it)

- Wildman (didn't make it)

- Dreadline (didn't make it)

- Shaker (didn't make it)

Wow...that's a lot more than I remembered backing. :shock:

Many of the game projects were run by friends/colleagues in the industry and especially after we did the KS for The Long Dark I had *a lot* of empathy for their rollercoaster and wanted to help out. I actually don't think I've collected on many (or any) of these (no time to play anything that isn't research related), except for the Machine Era Wallet, which I use every day!

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- The Long Dark (obviously :P + my biggest pledge so far)

- Paradise Desk (work desk)

- Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim (game)

- Interview with a time traveler (film)

- Death Road to Canada (game)

- Smart Herb Garden (exactly what the name is)

- Adventures for a Lazy Afternoon (art book)

- Raindrop (Unsuccessful)

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  • Hinterland
Yeah and I didn't imagine some could back so much project. :)

If you're referring to me -- it's true. I sort of got caught up in the hype when things took off around DFA (although I wasn't a backer there), and during our KS I guess 'cause I was in there every day I saw a lot more projects and backed a bunch of cool stuff, including games but other things as well. I don't think I've backed much in the past few months though -- other than Cosmochoria. In general I get the sense that KS has slowed down a bit, but that's just anecdotal...I have no data to back it up. I just don't see quite as many big game KS projects being announced or blowing past funding goals. But maybe I'm just too "heads down" in the game and don't see what's going on around me.

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Just backed the 3rd season of TableTop through Indiegogo yesterday. A lot of people are put off by how much they are asking for, but I consider the fact that I love the show, watch every episode and can therefore justify contributing some cash to the cause.

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Last week I found a nice game called "The flame in the flood". It is another survival game on Kickstarter. I backed it.

Today the devs of "The flame in the flood" gave a shout out to other nice indie titles in their last update.

The one that I instantly fall in love with was "Impact Winter": I also backed it.

Please check it out! And support creative indie devs if you like. I appreciate it.

Thanks for your attention, guys! Have a nice day.

Btw: Raphael and his amazing team have brought me to kickstarter. He has set the spark in me. Thanks, guys! Now I am addicted to such amazing, creative content, that has to be supported. ;)

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Star Citizen!

lol...you have to be willing to laugh at yourself sometimes...

I'm surprised it took this long for someone to mention this one. Whatever our interests today, a lot of us cut our teeth on wing commander and the like. I am looking forward to it.

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