Dev Diary - February 2018

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On 6/7/2018 at 3:50 PM, Shuternator said:

Dude go spread your hate somewhere else, this is a brilliant game with some amazing people doing some amazing work, Ralph is trying to balance the players own self-created stories in the sandbox mode with the authored stories in survival mode and if you can’t respect that then you’re damaging this community. Which is one of the best and most helpful I’ve been a part of.

if you know you’re going to be ‘attacked’ by other users for saying it then you must know it’s not helpful, constructive, or necessary to say anything that you said.

Oh and btw it’s ‘the truth’ not ‘truths.’

You want high quality yet you aren’t prepared to wait for it? Really man? 

Was it necessary to revive an old thread for the sake of arguing?


A lot of what is on this thread was written before the Vigilant Flame Update was announced; I'm sure that most people, if they knew, wouldn't have said the things that they said.

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Closing thread as it's not the best place to have this discussion. Please refrain from reviving dormant threads.


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