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Hi there. I thought I'd chime in and give a few ideas as to what I'd love to see implemented as well. 

  1. Build-able storage and items
    • With all of the tools we have, I think we should be able to build items. For example, if I live outside, I should be able to build a small box to keep my fishing tackles in, or other tools like bullets and knives. This keeps clutter from forming around campsites. I also think we should be able to make a "cooler" in the snow to store fresh meat from spoiling. It should lower decay drastically, and even freeze it.
  2. Additional wildlife
    • This has been said many times but I thought I'd throw it in there anyhow. But I also think we should see female deer, female moose, fawns and bear cubs. They may not offer much in resources but it'll be a nice sight to see and also a danger for any hunter unwary of a nearby parent.
  3. Cooking overhaul
    • I think that we should be able to make more immersive campsites and actually cook recipes. There are skillets and pots in homes. They'll be heavy, but can be placed above fires for cooking outside. We should be able to make broth from meat, stews and soups, jerky for lighter travel snacking and so on. These may require a lot of ingredients or time, but in the long run it's worth it for a whole pot to eat on. Soup can also assist "common cold" afflictions should you decide to add them.
  4. An actual backpack
    • I travel often and live outside. I know our storage is technically our backpack but it would actually be a cool accessory to have for more weight management. Moose are rare, and while they yield a nice trophy such as a sack for carrying goods, there are backpacks everywhere in the game we could easily pick up.
  5. More shelter crafting
    • Sure, we can lay out a bedroll and fire or make a snow shelter, but a long term project could be a small shack. It'll take days, if not weeks in game and it'll take serious commitment for any player to want to start. It would require tons of wood, cloth, metal scraps, etc. This way, you can truly live where you want to. It might not be a luxurious home and more like the hut on Timberwolf Mountain, but it's a home nonetheless. 
  6. More clothing and sewing
    • I can't imagine who wouldn't want more clothing. But I also believe we should be able to sew our own clothes. We can take cloth and sewing kits and make our own gloves, sweaters and socks. They may not be as durable but they'll work in a pinch.

These are just a few things I'd like to see implemented. I know people have said a lot of the same, so I don't want to be repetitive and state every single thing I want, because a lot of us want the same thing. I'm looking at you, candles suggestion.

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