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I used multiple purification tablets when I had about 2 litres of unsafe water in my invent.

It purified the first litre fine, then a second tablet failed to purify the second litre of unsafe water. not even a third did.

I also found that the tablet is consumed and unsafe water still left over when the amount of water is under a litre in size.

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On 11/2/2014 at 2:10 PM, Alan Lawrance said:

Can you confirm if this behavior still exists?


Hey guys, YES, this is still a bug but I'll explain how I can reproduce it:

If you have potable water in your inventory already and you melt snow to form undrinkable water, then use the tablets to purify the water. It shows that the action takes place and it seems to have worked but check inventory- you still have one potable and one undrinkable. HOWEVER, if you store the potable water in a cabnet/drawer/etc and keep the undrinkable water in-hand, THEN the tablets will purify. Unless you drop the drinkable water, you will use up all your tablets for nothing. :-( I found out the hard way.





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