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Now, I don't know. I think I'm just a crazy person, but I just don't care when I play this game. No, the game is interesting, bunch of missing things, like being able to start a fire with only wood and no matches or accelerant (I can do this, with enough swearing), but it is interesting and has it's fun points.

I just can't get attached to... me. Personally, I like games like when you can see the avatar. You can see him reacting to the environment, or see what gear he's wearing, how degraded the stuff is. Right now it really feels like, I'm an orb with these numbers, and these numbers are what I care for.

For me it would be handy because I don't get a real sense as I'm playing 1st person... what's warm, what's cold, what's got a draft, what is weighing to much. In real life if you're feet are cold you'd look down and see you were wearing socks and sandals in January and change the situation (by changing to warmer socks). Now, you could do this info with a menu, which they've done in this game, but you kind of take away from immersion too much flipping in and out and in and out of a menu and reading numbers all day (nice for debug). Where as a quick look at an avatar you could see, oh, this guy seems cold, and oh... It's because he's not wearing pants. Another more subtle thing would be, without numbers, if your avatar is cold and he's in pants, put fluffier pants on. Or layer more of the same pants on. Then again, if you botch the 3rd person character animation/rigging, slap lame textures on it or have it's hands/arms stuck forward that could bugger the whole idea up as well.

Now, I do have to say, the voicing in-game is great to get a sense of your avatar in the environment. No complaints there, other than the usual, I want more.

Am I a crazy person? Would other people rather play 3rd person in this type of game, or 1st person all the way?

I don't make this as a suggestion because it's not, the game is a 1st person survival, so. Yeah. If anything, I would make this a suggestion to do away with numbers in the menu system, and just have it visual. All the numbers minus the, amount of "item" count... Fluffy stuff is warmer than not fluffy stuff. It'd be more survival-like. Right now it reads like an ebay purchase. That... and a wolf pelt doesn't need to become a shirt to be warm, just sayin'.


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It would be nice to have a body when looking down. But I'd leave it at that. Going to the 3rd person perspective would destroy that eager feeling I get of protecting "myself", the immersion would just be decreased by quite a lot. At least to me.

When I do want to play with the highest amount of immersion, I turn of the HUD altogether, so I can relate with you saying that it feels like a numbers game right now. And I agree, but that would largely come down to playstyle, because you have the opportunity to play without any info already now. You simply have to choose to ignore it.

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Being able ot see your own body would be a nice step. But 3rd person makes sense if you control more than 1 character. In TLD it would do more bad than good, for a number of reason. 3rd person is a lot more work than just moving a few things around. I would expect problems with the camera, and where are all the 3d models and graphics to come from?

I am against even putting this on the list of things the developers should work on, because this game should stay first person. I don't mind at all when games allow such things to be changed by the player, But with mods, not with official support.

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