Time passing options.


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I've been wandering the boards for a few hours, and I've probably glanced over this topic completely.

At first I was on the boat with people saying everything runs out too fast, there's not enough stuff. I died and it's everyone else's fault.


As I sat and pouted and thought for a bit. I kinda clued in to the fact of just how fast that clock was ticking and that is what my beef is about now. Now, clearly people have been able to play this game quite well for very many days so my thinking is add a couple menu options to have the clock speed as normal or half or something else. This could even be easy medium and hard for how much it'd change the game.

I find it bothersome than I can rummage in my inventory and have to burn two cans of food because I was taking too long.

Also, and I'm bad for posting this within another suggestion/request. If it's not already should calorie burn be reduced when you're warm?... Not sure if that was a question or statement or request, but there it is.



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My advice is try to do your inventory management at the end of the day before going to sleep. if your looking for something in particular like food use the categories. The game is still in alpha so the inventory might get a better interface by the release date.

A lot of people have talked about the rate time passes and the general consensus is enough people are making it 30-70 days that the time is probably just about right. It's what you do with that time that makes a difference. having the rate of time passing be adjustable would effect just about everything(speed player moves, calories use rate, how fast you get cold). In short it can break the balance of the game.

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The speed at which time progresses in the game used to be much slower in early alpha and they have raised it because it simply took too long to get from point A to point B. Staring at your screen for half an hour while going from Trappers Homestead to the Camp Office is not very entertaining. Especially if you're outside in bad weather.

So the ability to set the time speedup factor is not going to work. Yes, you don't burn a lot of calories while looking through your inventory, but walking around will be so annoying you won't like the game any better.

I do agree that this is a problem though. So I suggested a variable speedup, depending on where you are (outside/ inside) and or what you are doing. I think inside the time could move slower and when you are in a menu (like the inventory) it could revert to real time. Something like this:

Outside: x12 (as it is now)

Inside: x3 or x4

In a menu: x1

This way you can still move from A to B in an enjoyable tempo but not loose too many calories (or burn time from your fire for instance) while in a menu.

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