A Survivors Daily journal - 192 Days in (Camping, Aurora and Wolves)

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**Feel free to drop a comment or a like - it let's me know people enjoy reading my adventures!**


Greetings my fellow Survivors!

I've been playing recently and decided to resume writing a log for the game. So far my Survivor is 91 days into what i hope will turn into my first 500 day epic! (by the way if Hinterland ever introduce 4 seasons with a natural transition through 365 days i will get the full list of Hinterlands staff tattooed on my left calf)

I'll give a bit of a summary below on my travels and shenanigans before picking this up as a day by day account of life in the far North.




Day 0-91

After waking up in the tundra i immediately knew i had to get to shelter. I was fortunate to find the lake office in Mystery Lake (ML) so soon after waking up. I ransacked the office and all the other locations in ML and started my trek North East. I tend to favour setting up my base in Pleasant Valley Farmstead (PVFS) and use that as my main hub for hunting and my frequent expeditions.

I set up in PVFS around the day 3 mark before immediately setting out to Coastal Highway (CH) to rain whatever i could. In the early stages i'm always after just the basics (equipment, ammunition, food and clothing)

Around the day 20 mark i set out on my first major expedition to Timberwolf Mountain (TWM). I had prepared for a good 5 days prior to this stockpiling food, repairing clothing and making sure my equipment and pack was in order. In typical PV fashion the good weather i had prior to setting out turned into a blizzard on the morning i had decided to leave - so i had to cool my heels while digging into the food stockpiled at home. I hadn't hunted before i left so as not to waste meat (and ammunition) so i consumed some of my canned goods.

Once i had set out and made camp in TWM, i steadily attacked the mountain over the course of two days before reaching the summit. What i really wanted was the flare gun and flares, whetstones, ammunition and fire lighting gear - i wasn't disappointed. I had hauled as much as i could down to the hut before relaying this back to PVFS.

Following this successful expedition to TWM was a set of numerous smaller expeditions to Forlorn Muskeg (FM), Desolation Point (DP) and ML.

My haul of equipment now includes 10+ hatchets and knives each, 95 rifle rounds, 10 whetstones and numerous amounts of the other tools, equipment and gear. My emergency supply of food is small - it usually hovers around 5 days worth max but i always knew this was a finite resource and never put serious efforts into stockpiling food. I use it was a go out on my expeditions however this tactic will change as time goes on.

So where am i at now, at day 91? I'm currently confined to the Hunting Lodge in Broken Railroad (BR) with a blizzard outside, a wolf door camping me and starvation creeping in....


Day 91 - Midday

Well, everything was going so well. I had founding the hunting lodge with no real issue - weather was good and i figured "Hell, its a hunting lodge. There HAS to be food and ammunition here, right?". Well yes there was both, but not much food and only a paltry amount of ammunition. After i had something to eat and was about to step off again the blizzard currently raging outside rolled in off the top of the Mountain. I can hear something clawing and skulking around outside which i assume is a wolf (and hope is not a bear! i don't know if that door could stop a full grown grizzly).

I'm going to try to ride this storm out and then flee - there was a point behind the house i could fix a climbing rope i found to. If i'm quick i might miss whatever is lingering around the lodge. 

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Very nice. You seem to have everything going good at this point. But beware the bear that lives at the bottom of the rope!

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Day 91 (cont) -  Midday

I took off when i heard the wolf attacking a small rabbit colony nearby. After heading down the rope and cresting a small rise i was not 5 metres from the Bear! He stood up and roared at me but at that point i was well on my way AWAY from him.

Alas, as i was approaching the maintenance buildings i was attacked by not one but two wolves. I fended both off with my hatchet but i was in serious pain with bleeding from my leg and arm. I limped my way indoors and rested up for the night.


Day 92 - Dawn.

I awoke to light winds and fog and decided to push off as soon as i had eaten. My journey through FM was uneventful, doing the usual wolf dodging. I spent the best part of the day traveling and arrived in ML in the early afternoon. I was ransacking the cabins alongside the lake but time got away on me and by the time i decided to push on to the Dam and then home, a change in the weather indicated something nasty in the wind. I've decided to hunker down in this cabin on the lake for the night. I have food, water and its warm.


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Day 93 - Morning

I went to bed with leaden skys, and awoke to blizzard.


Decisions. Everything is a decision. "do i try this?" "can i get there in time?" "Do i have enough <insert everything here>?" Sometimes they are right, sometimes they are wrong and sometimes they can go either way.

I decided to push out into the snow-storm in the hope it would break. It didn't. I was jumped by a wolf not long after setting out and had to knock him over. I respect these animals for just trying to survive, like me. Killing them for no reason other then defense doesn't bring me joy, particularly if i don't have the time to harvest them and at least honor their sacrifice.

After a dreary trudge through the snow i arrived at the Dam. At this point i realised i had messed up and didn't have the food or water i needed. It was at this point i had to make a decision - do i push on to home in the hope nothing goes wrong, or do i hunker down and lose another day. I chose the former.

It was a good decision in the end - with the exception of running into a bear near the fishing hut i got home safe and sound and added to my haul. I use my front porch for firewood storage and curing (some firewood is stored by the stove) with all the cupboards holding craft gear, food, fuel, weapons and tools.







My plan for the next few days is to rest, recuperate and repair. I'll also need to go and knock over a deer or two. I think my next trip will be for some forging. In the meantime i'll compile all the scrap metal i need and plan my equipment for the trip.

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Day 96 - Pre-dawn

Sitting here in my snow cave (you'd be surprised how snug they are) looking out the aperture, contemplating life and how the f**k i got here. It's moments like these when your mind can easily wander and not stay focused. Routine is everything, but i'm in more of a "deal with it as life slings it my way type" situation.

After getting home the other day, i rested, repaired and went stir crazy. It seems the more time i spend out in the wilderness, the more i miss the call of the ice when i'm home. To alleviate this feeling,  i went for a small camping trip down the other end of the farm. While i was there, i collected some wood i used for a fire (and to replace the wood in the wood bank on the front porch). I also took it upon myself to decimate the local rabbit population, which makes a nice change from venison, processed food or air sandwiches. Once dawn breaks i'll probably spend today stocking up on firewood and then plan for my trip to FM to forge some goods.



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Day 97 - Dawn

i slept fitfully during the night - I tend to wake every few hours to make sure I’m still alive. 

Last night before bed I reset my snares. They’d been somewhat unproductive but I observed where the rabbits were frolicking and placed my snares. When I woke I had 3 caught! Not only that, but I surprised a deer buck in the orchard. I managed to bring him down with a single shot so now I have a good weeks worth of food. 

Once I got back home, I sharpened my hatchet and knife and got to work cooking. When I get to my last few venison steaks I’ll probably head away to the forge.

I’ve also decided to leave the rifle at home from now on. I have just shy of 100 rounds but I’ll save these for emergency hunting. From now on I’ll travel with the bow for hunting and flare pistol for deterrence, which should cut down on my packs weight. I may go on a moose hunt come to think of it - I’ll see what’s in the wind when I’m out of meat, however I haven’t seen any sign here in PV. Maybe I’ll go recce for one over the next few days. 

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Day 98 - Dawn

I woke just before first light and took in the view.


I decided to make today a wood day. I set about collecting a hearty supply of cedar and fir to add to my wood stockpile. It's not unheard of to experience 3 day blizzards here in the valley so warmth and water are my top concerns, and while the weather is good i decided to stock up.

Once my wood situation was sorted, i decided to go out on my Moose recce. At first i headed West but came to a rockfall around a long curve in the road so headed back towards home. While passing the farm i spotted a bear roaming in the distance so kept a wide berth of him (or her - not sure). I'd seen a campground mentioned in some old maps and brochures i'd seen around so decided to head North East to see if i could find it. As i was approaching a rather spooky birch forest i saw moose sign!


This is good. No Moose yet but if there's sign there's a good chance there's animals around. While i was navigating the spooky birch forest i was surprised by another bear not 20 metres away! I fired off my (very effective) signal flare pistol and he (or she) took off.



Once i had cleared out of there i headed up into the high-country to look for this picnic spot which i found without much difficulty. Just off to the side of the spot i found a cave which had a few bits and pieces - maybe there was some kids staking out the cave to spend the night in, not sure.

Had a good meal of jerky, peaches and water and off to bed.


Day 99 - Pre-Dawn

Woke in the cave after a reasonable sleep with an obvious blizzard raging outside the portal. I may hunker down here for a few hours to see if it will pass - i don't feel confident working my way down to the low-country in this weather with visibility less than 5 meters.

If everything works out my next entry will be when i'm home.


Day 99 Cont - Evening

Well i made it home. It was touch and go for a while, the blizzard didn't settle so i made a decision to push on regardless. I swung by the old preppers cache and found a few locked lockers i hadn't opened yet. I'll need to head up there again to open them up, probably for no result but that's life. I had a few quarters of venison left so i cooked those up and had a nice hearty meal. Now that i'm out of meat i need to decided whether to head to FM to forge some tools or hunt some rabbits and go up to check out those lockers. Food for thought.

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Day 100 - Afternoon

To celebrate day 100 i decided to head back up to the old prepper cache to open those locked lockers. I won't lie - i went up hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. After prying them open i found....a can opener. A rusty can opener.  My trek up here was in very low visibility but it's lucky enough i've done this trip many times so that wasn't a problem. (luck was on my side)



Feeling somewhat despondent, i decided to head back down to the farmhouse. I think given this let down i'll set out on another trip, plus i'm starting to eat into my reserve of cloth (only 70 pieces left) so i need to start farming cloth as well as tools, whetstones, ammunition etc.

Tomorrow is another day.

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Day 101 - Afternoon

Well after my attempt to leave the high-country last night i was socked in by a blizzard and retreated to the bunker to ride it out. Mid-way through the night i went up to the broken house to light a nice warm fire and watch the northern lights. Spent the remainder of the night watching the lights through to dawn.



They say fortune favours the bold. Near the farm i spotted a dear feeding on the riverbank. I figured i needed to practice my bow hunting skills and i'm fresh out of meat so why not.

First shot went over him but he didn't seem to notice, maybe the wind drowned out the sound of the arrow in flight. I adjusted down and BAM! Perfect shoulder shot. I quartered him up and ferried the meat and skin back to the house. I've got the skin curing on my front porch of horrors as i write this.



Now that i've got a few more days worth of meat i think i'll stay home and repair my skin clothes. Once this meat is gone i'll push on to FM to FINALLY forge these tools.

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On 1/3/2018 at 2:32 PM, Seshins said:

i will get the full list of Hinterlands staff tattooed on my left calf)

wait... does this mean you already have another game's staff listed on your right calf?

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1 hour ago, Jolan said:

wait... does this mean you already have another game's staff listed on your right calf?

Haha naw but the right is reserved for family / personal ones. 

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Day 102 - Morning

I woke this morning to some really good weather so decided to make the most of it and check for more Moose sign along with collecting sticks. I've got a reasonable supply of Cedar and Fir (35 and 16 pieces respectively) but due to the wear cutting them imposes on my tools, i've decided to hoard sticks for my main fire-lighting needs.


Over the course of the day i meandered over towards the barn to see if i'd missed anything. By the time i got there it was getting late in the day and there were a few wolves patrolling in the area. Stupidly i had a game bag full of raw venison on me so decided to hunker down in the barn for the night. Cooked venison and water for dinner then bed.

Day 103 - Morning

Woke to yet another stellar morning so wandered back to the farmstead. I've decided i'm going to head back to Mountain Town (MT) to see if i've left anything of real value there. All my equipment is in order, i'm down to my last two cuts of meat and since the weather is agreeable i figure now is as good a time as any to make a move.

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Day 104 - Morning

Today is expedition day. In typical PV fashion my run of food weather ended as soon as I stepped out the door. I struggled my way up to the cave system to ML and pushed on. 

By the time I reached the Dam it was early afternoon but I was fairly exhausted walking into the gale wind. I wandered down to the logging camp and set in for the night. It was comforting to be wrapped up snug while the freezing wind howled outside. 


Day 105 - Morning

i set out first thing with the intent of swinging by the destroyed watch tower, but with the exception of a rifle round, some minor bits and pieces and one unfortunate soul there was nothing worth while up there. 

Around mid day I arrived st the cafe system and dove in. At this point a series of small errors began to multiply. I had spent the best part of last week indoors preparing in between my daily excursions and had come down with a serious case of cabin fever. Not only that, but I was tired and it was blowing a gale in the MT climbing area, so now I was stuck between two ropes, a full blown snow storm in action and exhaustion setting in. 

Luckily I found a cave with the sad remains of some other lost soul so settled in around a fire at the back of the cave for the night. 


Day 106 - Morning

i set out first thing and climbed the cliff into town. While I was there I ransacked the caches I’d left during my previous visit but found nothing of any real use. I took a wide route up to the graveyard and back via the farm. During the farm trip I was jumped by a wolf. I fought him off but he tore my favourite wool mittens to shreds!

Once I sorted myself out and calmed down I started back for home, but was caught in another infernal blizzard. I’m currently holed up in some sort of rangers hut with a small pot belly stove burning as the day fades into The Long Dark. Hopefully the sun will rise in the morning and I can strike out for home. 

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The journal entries will probably come through a bit slower now that I’ve returned to work.

stay tuned though!

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Day 107 - Midnight

What an eventful day. I managed to ride out in the blizzard in the small rangers hut back up in MT before finding my way through to ML. Once in ML i decided to spend the day looking for some prepper caches i'd seen mentioned in various scraps of paper. I didn't find any, however at the top of a high feature i caught some stunning vista's.




During my hunt for these caches, i was caught out in a small snow storm and took shelter in a cabin, just north of a frozen unnamed pond. While i was resting here i heard a wolf snatch a deer - wolves are efficient hunters though and the deer went down quickly. While the wolf was feasting i snuck out of the cabin to make my way home.

At this point though, i was hungry. I had spent longer than anticipated at MT and had consumed some of the food i had found and cached there. I was reluctant to hunt as it would tie me down in the area for longer than i wanted so hunger was the order of the day. By the time i reached Carter Dam the sun had gone down, i was tired and hungry.


After passing through the dam, i had to make one of those infernal decisions. Do i keep going or hunker down? If i keep going i'll be traveling through dangerous, yet familiar terrain. If i hunker down i could get caught in a blizzard which would further complicate my options, so i decided to push on.


Now, i mentioned familiar terrain - during the day. At night disorientation is but a hair's breadth away. Not only that, but paranoia reigns supreme. I was VERY nervous making my way through the country back towards home. Any sound (mostly my own footsteps) set off a panic response like no other. I wasn't armed with the rifle, but just a flare gun (with one flare) and a bow and arrow. A number of rabbits set of strings of obscenities and nervous laughter, but the tension was high.

Fortunately i made it home without incident and collapsed into bed after eating one of my two remaining MRE's.


Day 108 - Morning

After waking this morning, i took stock. I had come away with a number of more knives and hatchets, matches and 2 extra bows along with 2 extra arrows. Not a bad haul all things considered but i really want ammunition and whetstones of which i found only one (rifle round) and zero whetstones.

Once i had woken properly, i decided to start repairing some clothing but totally messed up my only cured wolf skin, so now i need to go predator hunting. I fixed up my deerskin boots and other pieces of clothing. I'll head out to fix up my snow shelter down the other end of the farm and look for a wolf.

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Day 109 - Afternoon

Socked in my snow. There isn't anything for it but to catch up on some ready, so managed to finish the archery book i was reading. Interesting stuff. I went out for a quick look to see if there were any wolves around but they must've bedded down for the day. Cooked venison for dinner and off to bed.


Day 110 - Midday

I was still housebound by snow, but come midday the snow cleared revealing a nice day. I took off to the East to look for wolves. Today was going to be one of those days. I managed to find some more moose sign which is excellent - thats two areas close together with rubbings so this indicates they are at least moving through the area. I'm considering setting up a small snow shelter camp and settling in the area for a few days to try knock one over.


I also managed to surprise wolf patrolling over a small rise. I've got his pelt curing on the back porch as i write this.

I loosed a few arrows at a deer buck but poor aim lead the arrows to hit him in his hind quarter. He took off before i knew what was happening, so i've possibly lost those two arrows. I'll have to go look for him in the morning, but i dearly hope he bleeds to death quickly in this cold - i don't want him to suffer due to my poor marksmanship. The irony after such recent success and finishing that archery book.

More cooked venison for dinner and off to bed.

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Day 116 - Midnight.

A lot has happened in the last week. I'm currently holed up in the belly of the Riken, hungry, just recovered from multiple infections with a blizzard blowing outside. How did i get here you ask? Going from a comfortable existence in the PVFS to my current situation? Hubris, complacency and a mixture of luck ranging from good and bad. Let me start at the beginning....

On Day 111 i decided to head East from the farmstead to set up a small camp to hunt Moose. Over the next two days i sat in my snug snow shelter while blizzards raged outside. During the night, i heard a bear prowling around close to the shelter, but thankfully he didn't bother me.

I awoke to a stunning morning on Day 112


Sadly no Moose, just Rabbits and a lone Deer. I packed up camp and went back to the Farmstead to prepare my trip to DP to finally forge a new Hatchet and Knife.

Day 113 was expedition day. I set off mid morning with clear skies but a cold gale blowing. I was surprised by a wolf on Contemplation Bridge but managed to hit him with an arrow - his skin is sitting in a house curing as i write this, and in fact is probably done by now. This is probably where things started to go down hill. In my complacency i had packed poorly - i was missing some essential items like a sewing kit, flare gun (i brought along the bow, not the rifle).

In my hubris i decided to push on. After clearing the mines i crossed the Coastal Highway (CH) making for DP, where i spent the night in the crumbling highway.

Day 114 saw me come through into DP proper - i made my way through Mine No.5 and ran smack into a Bear. I think he was just as surprised to see me as i was him, but i was quicker off the draw (the fleeing in a blind panic kind of draw) and dived back into the mine, slamming the gate shut.

Once i was confident he had left the area, i left heading out to the waterfall where i had caught a glimpse of a cave the last time i was here. This cave will be known as Scruffys cave due to the resident who had set up shop here. I suppose the rib cages should've given it away, but i pushed on without checking the fuel level in my gas lamp. As the light started to wan, i heard him. Within seconds he was on me, the lamp fell to the floor and a struggle for life and death ensued in the pitch black. I felt my hatchet sink into him somewhere for he let go of my arm yelping and scarpered off into the dark, leaving me to flee the cave.

Once i was outside, the pain hit. He had torn my forearm up really good. I went to patch myself up but of all the medical supplies i had left, antiseptic and old mans beard were the two items i had left at the farmstead. Shit.

At this point i started to head towards the old whaling station while a blizzard rolled in. On my way, i ran smack into another Wolf. This one must've known i was in bad shape for he didn't hesitate one second before he sunk his jaws into my thigh. Again i smashed him bodily with my hatchet and he took off. Double shit.

I limped into the whaling station and set up around an old barrel that looks to have been used for fire's in the past.

While looking for food, of which i had none i felt the first hint of the fever. The wounds on my arm and leg were throbbing and oozing in a way that indicated a serious infection. Luckily i had plenty of antibiotics so i popped some, crawled into my bedroll and passed out.

I awoke some 12 hours later starving, but the fever had broken. I managed to scavenge a couple of cans of food i left behind last time and made my way finally to the Riken.

Once at the Riken, i stoked the furnace up to temp and started forging my tools. In between tools i found another can of food which i greedily consumed, finished my hatchet and a few crude arrow heads.

So here i am, Day 116 stuck in the Riken while a blizzard rolls past outside - hungry, tired and fearful of the next few hours. I have to get out of here and make it to the Lighthouse, i'm pretty sure i had left some more food there. I want to go home.

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Day 116 - Midnight (continued)

After a few hours of sitting in the belly of the Riken in what can only be described as despair, i found the will to continue. I banked my new found resolved, rode out the blizzard and set out at first light across the ice.

After my last few encounters with Wolves, and well aware of my shortfall of equipment and medical supplies i was wary of those fury beasts and kept my distance.

After crossing through DP and Crumbling Highway i worked my way up through the low country and spent the night in a trailer along the trail.


Day 117 - Morning

I set out again at first light heading up to the mine connecting CH to PV, however there was a bear not a few hundred metres upwind of me patrolling the same route.

Knowing what the wolves could do, i was fearful of even the sniff of an encounter with the bear so kept my distance.

After breaking through the mine i made my way down towards the crossroads and picked up the half-cured Wolf skin. In typical welcoming PV fashion, a severe blizzard rolled in nearly without warning before breaking into a dense fog. After stumbling my way down the main road, i crested a small rise and there she was... HOME!


After falling through the front door, i tore into some pork and beans i had stashed in the cupboard before crawling into bed and crashing for the next 12 hours.

Day 118 - Mid-day

I decided today would be for R & R. I pottered around home, repairing my now torn clothing and reorganising the admittingly meagre findings from that last expedition. I pulled some wool ear wraps out of my coat pocket - where had i picked these up? No idea but damn they are warm.


Day 119 - Morning

Today was a hunting day - I lost two arrows but had a blood trail to follow....before a blizzard rolled in obscuring the trail in minutes. I managed to snag a deer and was harvesting him up while a wolf took one of his own not 100 metres away! I scared him off and harvested the remaining meat left on his kill, but there wasn't much. I've noticed the wolves getting more aggressive lately - maybe they are feeling the pinch now, like me. I took off back home and spent the day reading fishing magazines.


Day 120 - Morning

Today is a cloth day. I need more if i'm going to survive the long haul. I've also decided a new strategy to manage my tools and whetstones. I'm going to use the most worn hatchets and knives and save the whetstones to keep the last 2 of each in good repair. This should extend the life of my tools (i hope) before i'm forced into expeditions to craft tools as required. When this time comes i know things will be desperate.

I went up to the crossroads and spent the rest of the day tearing curtains and worn clothing into cloth before crashing in the only furnished house up at the crossroads.

Day 121 - Morning

Fishing! I've decided to go up to the fishing hut up at pensive pond and put some of this fishing knowledge i've been reading about into action. I went up with snow falling but otherwise agreeable conditions.


Once i'd opened the ice hole and set a line i scoured the area for wood to stock up for the night. When i got back to the hut i had a 5kg Bass on the line! I should've known this was going to be the best catch of the day but details.

As night rolled in, i lit a nice fire and settled in for the evening.



Day 122 - Morning

After a nice sleep beside a warm fire and some paltry fry ( i knew that first Bass would be the best) i had gone through the two lines i had brought with me, thus ends my fishing trip.

It was pleasing to leave the hut, looking back and seeing a tendril of smoke drifting up in the calm air from the fire still burning.


I completed a circuit of the pond looking for Moose sign - my reasoning being the sign i had seen earlier in the low country was around the frozen pond to the East of the barn, but no luck.

I've got back to the house and cooked the fish i had caught, stashing it with the venison i had left over from the previous days hunt in my ice box on the front porch. I think i'll collect some firewood today and settle in with another fishing magazine. It's not a particular hobby of mine but the fish is high calorie and yields some oil with each fish (i have a surplus of oil at the moment but better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it)

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Day 122 (cont.) - Midday

I decided to set out for one last look around Forlorn Muskeg as there were a few structures I had seen on my travels the last time I was there  I packed my rifle for this trip, the last of the venison and set out in a light snow, making good progress to the cave which connects to ML.

After meandering up through the dam I was heading towards the lake office to spend the night when I was attacked by a wolf  my blasted hatchet handle snapped during the struggle (a product of my new policy of saving the whetstone for 1 x hatchet and knife plus my hand forged tools) but he got the message and scarpered.

I arrived in the lake office shaken but no worse for wear, so I kicked off my boots and fell into bed.


Day 123 - Morning

i pushed on without delay, making my way through the train tunnel and emerging in the muskeg. My first stop was the high blind where I found another bow and arrow, which was to prove the extent of my find on this trip, but  I didn’t know this at the time.

I pushed on to the farm shed as a blizzard began to break, by now on the verge of hypothermia. I went up into the loft to warm up, before catching a few hours sleep.

In the early afternoon I took off back towards ML in a light fog which quickly settled into a heavy ground mist. 

I found myself at the Muskeg lookout and took shelter in a lightning split tree. The fog didn’t show signs of lifting after an hour and I estimated darkness was only an hour away so I decided to push on back to ML as I had a good idea of where I was.

I emerged from the train tunnel as the sunset illuminated the surrounding fog and set off for the lake office where I arrived after dark.

last piece of venison in my belly and off to bed.



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More updates coming soon. Work / life is busy but a good sized update will drop in the coming days!

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5 hours ago, Seshins said:

More updates coming soon. Work / life is busy but a good sized update will drop in the coming days!

Loving your story! Can't wait for more.

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Day 124 - Morning

I arrived at the lake office once the sun had set, luckily with the fangs of a blizzard starting to rage but as per my last entry i was asleep with a full belly.

Once morning broke, i took off for a clearing marked on a map up the frozen creek. I found the clearing with a hunters blind which i raided for a bow and arrow. I also found a crowbar which was fortunate as there were a few secured lockers in the trailers by the Dam and in the Dam itself. In typical Murphys law fashion, it was a waste of time.


Day 125 - Afternoon.

I went back towards the lake to check out the cabins one more time, it appears i had always missed something but in this case i had been thorough. I did however manage to find a substantial amount of cloth which i packed away, along with the carcass of a wolf i fought off the last time i was here.

By the time my search was finished it was snowing and cold so i jumped into bed.


Day 126 - I decided to head back towards home so pushed on towards the dam. I've scoured this place numerous time but its like a gift that keeps on giving - i fond a box of rifle rounds in the bathroom! How or why they were there i'll never know, but i was thankful.

Still no luck finding any more whetstones - i'm going to have to start husbanding my supply of hatchets and axes until i'm down to my last pair. Once i'm at that point i'll start maintaining them with the 10 odd whetstones i have and when they are done, i'll still have my forged set (which came at considerable time and blood).

Once they are used, i'll need to re-think my entire strategy as i'll need to forge tools as i need / use them. That may require a full on shift to be closer to a forge, but there is no way i'd move to the muskeg so DP will be the next home base.


Day 127 - Dusk

After finishing looking through the Dam, i decided to push on towards home finally. Of course i had mucked around inside the Dam for too long so by the time i set out proper it was already sun-down.

I was approached by a wolf but kept him at bay with one of the ubiquitous flares i seem to have. I used the remaining amount of the flares light to make my way halfway through the mine before hunkering down for the night and getting some sleep. I'm down to 5 or so Cat-tail stalks but that's what they are there for - emergency food.


Day 128 - Morning

I woke well rested by thirsty and hungry, downed the rest of my water and Cat-tails and headed for home.

I emerged from the mine back in PV to an overcast but still beautiful morning. Damn it feels good to be home! (Don't get complacement yet!)



And in typical PV fashion welcoming its only human resident home, the weather turned at the drop of a hat. Still - it was good to be home and i was confident i could find my way home in any weather.



It wasn't long until i was passing my little camp at the end of the farm and i was heartened to see a new Rabbit mob had moved in - i'll let them settle in and feel safe before i shatter their resolve and eat them. Survival of the fittest and all that....

Once i was inside i disbursed the meagre findings from my increasingly long and fruitless expeditions. I'm reasonably confident that there isn't much left to salvage in the local regions, so i may need to focus on surviving PV until one more more critical supplies or equipment runs or wears out. I estimate a good 6 months though before i need to re-evaluate.

The plan then is to develop a hunting, cooking and general exploring routine and work from that. These diary entries may become mundane - if so to any future readers i apologise but survival is key. I'll mix it up with the odd expedition, who knows what i've probably missed.

A nice can of condensed milk and some pork and beans for dinner and then off to bed. Tomorrow will be a restock, repair day.

Oh yes i still have a number of books to read, can do that to break the monotony.

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Day 129 - Morning

I woke up to the sound of a snow storm raging outside. Perfect weather for repairing clothing, taking stock and resting.

Since i'd accumulated a reasonable supply of cloth and cured skins, i was able to liberally repair all the clothing items i wear regularly - the closet in the master bedroom is full of half-decent clothes to be broken down or repaired. I'm considering making two kits of clothing - one (which will be my main set) to have a balance between warmth and durability. The second set will be based on speed of movement.

Once my clothing was repaired i set about catching up on some reading. I'm considering a new hunting strategy but more on that soon.


Day 130 - Mid-day

Today was a wood day! I spent a good portion of the day harvesting wood and sticks to re-pay my wood bank on the front porch. It's easy to take from it but never easy to re-pay it. Well, now that i have time on my side i figured now was as good as ever. I estimate i've got a months supply of wood on the front porch now. Not bad. Once the wood mission was over i went out to look for a deer - fortunately i found him only a few hundred metres East of the farmstead.



Day 131 - Morning

I've decided to change my strategy from hunting as required, to building up a reasonable supply of meat and keeping it in the snow outside. I'm tired of always living on the edge with my meat supply - i've lost count the amount of times i've run out of steak only for a blizzard to roll in for days (typical PV)

This will mean putting a lot of pressure on the local deer population but if i stagger the herds i target it should be ok. I'm also getting reasonably proficient with the bow now, saving that rifle ammo for emergencys, bears or expeditions can now be the new order of business.

I've also collected a good supply of Birch and Maple saplings over my travels, along with feathers so keeping my arrow supply healthy shouldn't be a problem.


Day 132 - Mid-day

Today is hunting day. I found the first Deer in the front orchard of the farm - he was quickly dispatched with a mid-range heart shot. I skinned him out and headed back to the farmstead to drop the meat.

Typically the good weather broke as soon as i got home so i was forced to hunker down. During a break in the weather i headed out to my snow shelter to spend the night there. It helps keep me from going crazy - once i settled in the blizzard came back with a vengeance.



Day 133 - Morning

Once the weather cleared i went back onto my hunt circuit - i found another two deer across the creek to the East. Once i had gutted them out i took my haul back to the farmstead and laid the meat out. (its fortunate that predators don't seem inclined to target this meat - maybe its my human scent?)

I was left with 25+ Kgs of meat which should last me a month or more. If i use the meat wisely then the herds should recover before i go out for another full hunt.



Day 134 - Morning

Today i decided to head up to the signal hill to scavenge around. The trip up there was uneventful and my searching was also uneventful.

I did however find a decent rock to fix a rope to - peeking over the edge i could see what looked like a ledge with a body on it! I nipped down the hill to the lower fixed rope position and lifted the rope.

Heading down to the ledge there was definitely a body - however determining how long it had been there was beyond me. The ledge gave an impressive view of the valley proper though.


I climbed the rest of the way down the rope and went home. On the way i stopped by the snow shelter - it's in need of some repair, however i didn't have any spare cloth on me, so just added that task to the to-do list.

My plan for the next week or so is it begin crafting some arrows - i've also seen a bear in the area and wouldn't mind a nice bearskin bedroll so will keep an eye out for him.

Finally, i'm considering going back to Milton for another look around. For some reason i feel like i've missed something so i'll plan an expedition and head out in the next week or so.

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Day 135 - Dawn

Worked through the night until this morning and stepped outside to a red sky - What was that saying again? Red Sky at night, sailors delight. Red Sky in the morning, Shepards Warning? Something like that.


After having a nap for a few hours i woke up and cracked into my arrow making. I started by splitting around 5 cured birch saplings into 3 staves, which i shaped into shafts. Once there were ready, i managed to get around 5 full arrows crafted before night fell.


Day 136 - Morning

My plan today was to finish off the arrows, but i believe survival is dependent  on making the most of all oppurtinitys.

Over the last few days, a large bear has been roaming around the farm area. I think the latest deer kills have attracted him, but he's a risk and i can't have him wandering around. Add to that i wan't my bearskin bedroll so i decided to take him.


I only had the bow with my fresh quiver of arrows so i used myself as bait. I got one arrow off which struck him in the hind quarter and BANG off he went. I followed at a distance but lost sight of him when he went under Heartbreak Bridge. As i cautiously stepped around the abandoned car i heard him in the river bed - he sounded pissed.

I got another arrow away, this time striking him in the front leg. He charged as i dove into the car, my heart racing/



After a few minutes he took off back towards the farmstead. I couldnt look around wearing all my bulky clothing so once i estimated him as being 20-30 metres away i jumped out of the car. He heard me and turned around - at the same time another arrow was already in flight, striking him in the face.

I dove back into the car for a second time - he charged and collapsed outside the rear passengers side door.



I felt bad for the old boy - not being able to make it a quick clean kill but i'm sure he would've eaten me alive so i guess we are even. I quartered him up and started to shuttle the game bags back to the snow shelter, before starting my shuttle to the farmstead.

Once i had everything back at the farmstead, i started to cure the skin and gut and got to work harvesting the joints. 90 minutes later i had a considerable supply of meat added to my outdoor larder / meat storage area.




It's time to take stock and repair my clothes again. Once i've got those in order i'll get back into finishing the arrows. After that i'll go on a firewood detail and then start planning this quick trip to Milton.

After today i'm wrecked - fresh deer steak and off to bed.

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Day 137 - Morning

After inspecting my outdoor meat supply in the morning i noticed some degradation of the meat - this just won't do. I decided to spend the day cooking. Before long the house was filled with the smell of fresh cooked meat.

It took a whole day to complete but i managed to get all of the venison and bear cooked. I stored a portion in the chiller box on the front porch and kept the rest outside to freeze.



Day 138 - Morning

I decided on a whim to set out for Milton. My journey there through ML was uneventful. Oh except for this bloody valley trolling me. Over the last few days the weather had been nice and settled. I hoped i could eek an extra day of good weather but typically, the weather broke as soon as i set out.



Once i had moved into the Milton climbing area the weather calmed down and i made my way into the main climbing area. The day was old by this time so i set up in the local cave and got a nice fire going.

I had set out with a number of venison steaks (my last trip this way was touch and go re: food) so i settled in for the night.



Day 139 - Lunch

I had pushed out of the cave this morning and into Milton town. It turns out my hunch of missing something was correct - i found a box of rifle ammunition! No whetstones though, but ammunition is worth its weight in gold (or brass) so that was a boon and made the trip worthwhile.

Stepping out on the porch i was confronted by leaden skys - that doesn't bode well.


I pushed out to the shortwave tower but found nothing of value. I did however get lost.



After meandering around the back country of area i stumbled upon a lone trailer in what looks like a wood cutting area. I setup here for the night - not too soon either, a storm is howling outside.


Day 140 - Morning

I stepped out first thing and found my way down to the old farm. I had spied a rope behind the farm on an earlier visit. I found the rope and found my way down, and was confronted with a desolate wasteland. What am i doing i asked myself.



By the time i had made it down the weather was turning and light was fading. I found an old derelict structure which thankfully had a rusty wood stove and some wood lying around. I was out of steak at this point so i managed to grab a couple of rabbits (this took WAY longer than usual) and found a fresh wolf kill with a kilo of meat left on the carcass.

I started a fire, cooked my rabbit and deer and settled in for the night, somewhat in a panic with the rabbit-footsteps-that-sound-like-wolf-steps outside.





Day 141 - Afternoon.

Not much to report today. I made my way through FM in an uneventful trip, making my way into ML and holing up in the Lake office. I'll stay here tonight and push on back home tomorrow morning.

Once I get back I’ll try my hand at Moose hunting  if he shows up that is.


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