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Arrive to a zone before a specific day mode

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I was watching a streamer on Twitch and being new to the game, I thought he was traveling to get to a certain zone by a certain day. Apparently that wasn't the case, and he was going through an area to find a moose. I then thought it would be cool if there was a travel to point A to B, then point C to D day editor where the player has to travel to certain destination(s) on the map by a certain day. Meanwhile you and friends can customize the weather patterns by hour and tweak the difficulty. If you do not make it to the destination on time, you die of the flu immediately of some sort.

EDIT: Grammar, I know it's bad.

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Okay, hold down. First of all, it is poor taste to have to code so many new things into the game just for the sake of a single mode. This is something I would expect from mods for the TLD, not the actual game. BUT, to have your friends, or even twitch users tweak around with your game, it would require immense amount of development to re-code the game to even allow such things. Its a single player, offline kind of game at the moment. 

Regardless, its not a bad idea, with the "reach someplace before set date" kind of objective. We already have that in one of the challenges scenario - the Hopeless rescue.

Problem with making it a normal mode for sandbox is in immersion. This kind of objective needs some backstory - "why you need to get there before X amount of time" - that is very difficult to do for a randomized sandbox, in my opinion.

Its not a bad idea, but we should instead discuss "how to make it" - and I dont think the idea of having your friends, influence your game is a realistic suggestion. The flu "explanation" is very weak as well.

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