Would there be maps like tropic island or abandoned urban?


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+1 for modding and mapping.

I wouldn't get my hopes up for tropical maps, at least not by the devs. The game is set in Canada and there are no tropical islands there as far as I know. The first episode/ chapter will be in the winter time, but it has been said that future episodes/ chapters will encompass the other seasons and probably other locations. So an urban map may be possible in the future, but even then a tropical island would seem a bit far fetched. You'd need to travel a very long distance to get to a tropical zone from Canada.

But maybe with enough modding possibilities someone could make a tropical map someday. It would however make the cold factor completely superfluous, but maybe it could be replaced with a heat factor instead. Making sure you don't get to hot.

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From what I understand TLD will be the first game in a series, and will take only in Winter. If it is a success they will make other "seasons". In that case I think that would also mean new mechanics.

And yes, survival on an island sounds like what this game is made for. I often felt like Robinson Crusoe, building my own personal empire and counting matchsticks.

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