Lantern vanishing when placing in drawer (v1.38)


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I was in the Camp Office, upstairs next to the dresser that has two drawers. I had already searched the drawers and was using them as storage. I was placing items in one of the drawers. The drawer was almost at maximum weight capacity. I had a Lantern in my inventory, and when I selected it and clicked the "transfer" arrow, the game made a sound like something breaking and the lantern vanished. My inventory then started going haywire. I had a blank line in my inventory (between two other objects). Every time I clicked something the game made that "breaking" sound. I double and triple checked, and the lantern absolutely vanished completely.

My guess: A Lantern has a specific weight (when empty), then is also counted as being "larger"(heavier) depending on the amount of fuel it has. The lantern in question had just the right amount of fuel to not give me the "beep" (no more room in drawer for this item), but to be "too big" for the remaing amount of weight allowed in the drawer. ie: There's a slight discrepancy between the lantern's reported weight on one side, and what the dresser drawer is reporting as free on the other side. So it allowed me to move it into the drawer, then the drawer immediately deleted it so as to not be holding more than 11 pounds.

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