Faithful Cartographer Achievement Locations in The Long Dark [SPOILERS] - Updated for VIGILANT FLAME

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1 minute ago, black72rat said:

this link, click and see

I didn't see the link.

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Did a brand new playthrough (v 1.21). The Stone Church got mapped this time:


I however, didn't receive the achievement. Got everything on the list mapped plus Chasm & Waterfall Cave in TWM. Don't really know how to proceed.

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An overview of mapped locations including maps.
Everything in this post was mapped after the 1.21 release, alas no achievement. The only thing I can think of, is a potentially missing Icon in Forlorn Muskeg. A 3rd "Icon - Leave Forlorn Muskeg" would perhaps make sense. Check out the mapping to see what I mean. 

Work in progress. Locations [DONE] - Maps [DONE]

Mystery Lake


Icon - Camp Office (1)
Icon - Carter Hydro Dam (2)
Icon - Forestry Lookout (3)
Icon - Trapper's Homestead (4)
Icon - Leave Mystery Lake (5)
Location Trigger - Unnamed Pond (6)
Location Trigger - Train Loading Area (7)
Location Trigger - Rail Tunnel (8)
Location Trigger - Frozen Creek (9)
Location Trigger - Derailment (10)
Location Trigger - Lake Trail (11)
Location Trigger - Dave's Quiet Clearing (12)
Location Trigger - Ice Fishing Huts (13)
Icon - Leave Mystery Lake (14)
Location Trigger - Logging Camp (15)
Location Trigger - Carter Hydro Dam (16)
Location Trigger - Max's Last Stand (17)
Location Trigger - Lake Overlook (18)
Location Trigger - Trapper's Homestead (19)
Location Trigger - Destroyed Lookout (20)
Location Trigger - Clearcut (21)
Location Trigger - Deadfall Area (22)
Location Trigger - Alan's Cave (23)


Coastal Highway


Icon - Abandoned Mine (1)
Icon - Abandoned Lookout (2)
Icon - Quonset Garage (3)
Location Trigger - Rabbit Grove (4)
Location Trigger - Bear Creek Campground (5)
Location Trigger - Log Sort (6)
Location Trigger - Coastal Townsite (7)
Location Trigger - Commuter's Lament (8)
Location Trigger - Train Unloading (9)
Location Trigger - Fishing Camp (10)
Location Trigger - Silent Clearing (11)
Location Trigger - Jackrabbit Island (12)
Icon - Leave Coastal Highway (13)
Icon - Leave Coastal Highway (14)
Location Trigger - Abandoned Lookout (15)
Location Trigger - Misanthrope's Homestead (16)
Location Trigger - The Tooth (17)
Location Trigger - Rockfall (18)
Location Trigger - Waterfront Cottages (19)


Pleasant Valley


Icon - Abandoned Mine (1)
Icon - Signal Hill (2)
Icon - Barn (3)
Icon - Three Strikes Farmstead (4)
Icon - Leave Pleasant Valley (5)
Icon - Farmhouse (6)
Location Trigger - Point of Disagreement (7)
Location Trigger - Burned Ridge Cave (8)
Location Trigger - Pensive Pond (9)
Location Trigger - Heartbreak Bridge (10)
Location Trigger - Long Curve (11)
Location Trigger - Upper Falls (12)
Location Trigger - Picnic Spot (13)
Location Trigger - Derelict Cabins (14)
Location Trigger - Hilltop Cave (15)
Location Trigger - Misty Falls Picnic Area (16)
Icon - Leave Pleasant Valley (17)
Location Trigger - Lower Falls (18)
Location Trigger - Rural Crossroads (19)
Location Trigger - Skeeter's Ridge (20)
Location Trigger - End of the Road (21)
Location Trigger - Pleasant Valley Outbuildings (22)
Location Trigger - Three Strikes Farmstead (23)
Location Trigger - Pleasant Valley Farmstead (24)
Location Trigger - Cascading Falls (25)
Location Trigger - Lonely Homestead (26)
Location Trigger - Contemplation Bridge (27)
Location Trigger - Signal Hill (28)


Desolation Point


Icon - Stone Church (1)
Icon - Hibernia Processing (2)
Icon - Lonely Lighthouse (3)
Icon - The Riken (4)
Icon - Leave Desolation Point (5)
Location Trigger - Blocked Highway (6)
Location Trigger - Waterfall (7)
Location Trigger - Stone Church (8)
Location Trigger - Hibernia Processing (9)
Location Trigger - Broken Bridge (10)
Location Trigger - Little Island (11)
Location Trigger - Matt's Truck (12)
Location Trigger - Katie's Secluded Corner (13)


Timberwolf Mountain


Icon - Mountaineer's Hut (1)
Location Trigger - Mountaineer's Hut (2)
Icon - Wing (3)
Icon - Tail Section (4)
Location Trigger - Landing Gear (5)
Icon - Wing (6)
Location Trigger - Echo Ravine (7)
Location Trigger - Secluded Shelf (8)
Location Trigger - Echo Peak West (9)
Location Trigger - Engine (10)
Location Trigger - Engine (11)
Location Trigger - Andre's Peak (12)
Location Trigger - Crystal Lake (13)
Icon - Leave Timberwolf Mountain (14)
Location Trigger - Eric's Falls (15)
Location Trigger - Deer Clearing (16)
Location Trigger - Summit (17)
Location Trigger - Echo Peak East (18)
Location Trigger - Chasm Cave (19?)
Location Trigger - Waterfall Cave (20?)


Forlorn Muskeg


Icon - Shortwave Tower (1)
Location Trigger - Bunkhouses (2)
Location Trigger - Poacher's Camp (3)
Location Trigger - Shortwave Tower (4)
Location Trigger - Muskeg Overlook (5)
Icon - Leave Forlorn Muskeg (6)
Location Trigger - Old Spence Family Homestead (7)
Icon - Leave Forlorn Muskeg (8)
Location Trigger - Hat Creek (9)
Location Trigger - Marsh Ridge (10)
Icon - Poacher's Camp (11)
Location Trigger - Waterfall (12)


Broken Railroad


Location Trigger - Locomotive Engine (1)
Location Trigger - Rickety Foot Bridge (2)
Icon - Leave Broken Railroad Region (3)
Icon - Maintenance Shed (4)
Location Trigger - Hunting Lodge (5)
Icon - Hunting Lodge (6)
Location Trigger - Landslide (7)
Location Trigger - Broken Bridge (8)
Location Trigger - Maintenance Yard (9)
Location Trigger - Hunter's Blind (10)


Mountain Town


Icon - Paradise Meadows Farm (1)
Location Trigger - Spruce Falls Bridge (2)
Icon - St. Christopher’s Church (3)
Location Trigger - Graveyard (4)
Location Trigger - Paradise Meadows Farm (5)
Icon - Orca Gas Station (6)
Location Trigger - Wood Lot (7)
Location Trigger - Milton Park (8)
Icon - Leave Milton Region (9)
Icon - Leave Milton Region (10)
Location Trigger - Town of Milton (11)
Location Trigger - Radio Tower (12)
Icon - Spruce Falls Bridge (13)
Location Trigger - Wood Lot (14)
Icon - Crashed Plane (15)
Location Trigger - Picnic Area (16)
Location Trigger - Orca Gas Station (17)
Location Trigger - Wood Lot (18)
Location Trigger - Rocky Refuge (19)
Icon - Hermit's Cabin (20)
Location Trigger - Crashed Plane (21)




Icon - Leave Ravine (1)
Location Trigger - Raven Falls Trestle (2)
Icon - Leave Ravine (3)
Location Trigger - Ravine Basin (4)


Crumbling Highway


Icon - Leave Crumbling Highway (1)
Location Trigger - Road Collapse (2)
Location Trigger - The Arch (3)
Location Trigger - Abandoned Harris Home (4)
Icon - Leave Crumbling Highway (5)


Winding River


Icon - Cave (1)
Icon - Carter Hydro Dam (2)



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At me all is similar, except for an the Icon - Stone Church (including Chasm&Waterfall Cave).


as the developers went to the holiday break - they will not fix this problem (in the near future) :( 

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As some help perhaps. The last location I mapped was the Stone Church. I went looking at the front, outside the fence, standing on the rocks behind, mapped it once and the Icon and text appeared on the map.
This is pretty much the exact location i charcoaled. Keep in mind, 1.21 game start to finish, only charcoaled every location once.


On a more positive note. Custom Mode has introduced a super speedy way to get Faithful Cartographer.

You basically 4x the days (1 day = 8 hrs IRL), remove blizzards, increase recovery and use all badges but the research one.


It took me roughly 6,5 hours to map everything. Would take less days ingame, if you just walked everywhere. I run everywhere, rest for 10-12 minutes (seems to be a full stamina recovery), then I run again. The days being x4, you freeze x4 slower, you burn calories x4 slower. You even spend lantern fuel x4 slower.

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On 12/19/2017 at 8:31 AM, Shinjuru said:

Broken Railroad
Location Trigger - Rickety Foot Bridge

How will this even be possible?    There's no Climbing Rope attached to the Climbing Mount Point.

I've had good luck finding climbing rope in the lodge

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Thank you for the tips, Arzanot.    But I'm unable to get the Icon for the Stone Church to show on my maps.   I have tried and wasted so many Charcoal on each wall, both Inside and Outside of the building, corners ,too.   Around gravestones, all around the entire perimeter of the fence, outside and inside the compound.   It's been extremely frustrating, especially since TLD has been one of my favorites and most enjoyable to play.

On the other hand, I have gone back to the Mine Entrances and have had success getting those mapped thanks to the suggestions in this thread.   Using Charcoal just the right side of the entrances have proved successful.

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12 minutes ago, Shinjuru said:

But I'm unable to get the Icon for the Stone Church to show on my maps.

The stone church will be marked on the map provided that you start a new game. You can check it very quickly - start a new game, select the minimum complexity and select the region of "desolation point" as the initial location.

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I've learned over the many patches, that if u want to get something to work, you're forced to start over. It sucks, cause you probably dedicated so much to one survival game, and really want to complete everything possible in it. That's how I felt atleast.

You have to discard that notion, and start using the convenient Custom mode for achievements instead.

Regardless of how they end up fixing this achievement, having a survival game that makes mapping super easy, will help you.

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I’ve done every icon and location trigger on this list , am at 99% world explored.( missed a Prepper Cache on PV) what is funny to me was on PV cascading falls was actually mapped Lower Falls, so i had two lower falls on my map. I thought i should take a trip to PV and remap it. And i did .... so now i have a scramble of names on PV cascading falls are named on top of Lower falls.... still no achievement. 


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Well, at least I received The Will to Live Achievement.     It was a very fun Winter Break with the kids, playing a ton of Steam games, and watching some TLD streamers on Twitch..    I'm very glad Hinterland Studios developed such a great game.    Looking forward to the day the Faithful Cartographer Achievement is fixed.

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Didn't they said it was fixed?

Yet I keep trying to get the Stone Church icon on the map but it never appears. I tried from every position and still nothing. It says "Stone Church" but the icon does not appear. I even managed to get the coal mine icons to appear and "Leave desolation point" but not the "Stone Church" icon.

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So, after a hard work of investigation, i could conclude that the problem with this achievement is in two maps: Mystery Lake and Milton. Perhaps with this information Devs could see what is wrong with these maps.

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No need to up this, they are working on it and the current test branch apparently contains the fix. Once it becomes officially released we can check if it's fixed (unless someone wants to check it in test branch ;)).

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the new update v1.27 (34908) didn't fix it for me. the icon for the church in desolation point still does not appear.

Might have to re-start from a new save then....

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