The house that hides your loot (v.147)


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I found this house. First after I looted everyhing I went to another house. When I came back, I realized that something has changed. (If I remember corret, every container I looted was marked as "not searched".)

After I searched everything the second time, I put the material for firemaking (tinder, newsprints, different woods, etc) on the floor and went outside for another house. When I came back the material was vanished and every container was marked as "unsearched" (and filled up with complete new items).


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Not 100% sure but it could be a house with two doors. I have compared the the debug data from your screenshots (type B) with mine. It is not the same house, since mine is from type B and the coordinates do not match.

But thanks for pointing out that this bug is called "dual dimension house". Sometimes my English is not precise enogh to unterstand everything perfect.

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