Magic Sliding Retreat Wolves and minor bugs


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Sometimes, after fighting back against a wolf and getting them to escape, instead of running away atnormal speeds, they will do this weird sliding animation at high speeds. This can be seen at 8:20 :

[bBvideo 560,340:1i00y4o9][/bBvideo]

I'm not sure if the wolf's behavior when I was inside of the little hut was intentional or not. That sliding away at hyper speeds, however, seems like a bug.

There is also falling through some land at (2:00) and before that some graphical glitching I get from the Unnamed Pond.

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haha that looks hilarious :D

Has that happened to you before? because right now I would assume it's some weird bug since you got attacked, fell through the stairs and the wolf was under there with you. that in turn may have led to this weird animation.

The wolf's behavior is intentional as of now, since the AI pathing tries to get as close as possible to you, but cannot get up the stairs.

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Yeah, it happened once before. I might have footage of it too, but I didn't go through those videos because I found out my mic wasn't recording. The other time was after being attacked very soon after spawning, and I tried to chase it down again. My policy with early wolf attacks is to go all or nothing and re-engage them while they're weakened and I haven't gotten beat up by surviving too badly yet. Usually drags me pretty low, but hey, starvation isn't a concern for a few days at least.

The other time the wolf super slid away, I think I remember it being somewhere near the tracks. It may have been near the train bridge. So maybe it's something with being near structures. I dunno. I'll see if I have it recorded

I did record it and I've cut it to just the fight and slide:

[bBvideo 560,340:rj2n1x6m]


This was within a minute of spawning

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