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Few things I would like to see.

To be able to harvest from the beds in the cabins, the blankets on the bed you cannot interact or the mattress.

To be able to fight off the wolf with the knife and hatchet, will provide a better way of defending yourself without the rifle.

To be able to bust thru the ice on the lake and go fishing!

Craft-able bow and arrows.

Awesome game

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Yes! I was thinking the same thing about the beds but forgot to post about it. Also it seems to me that if there are 4 beds (Camp Office) I would take the blankets from each bed and put them on 1 bed and sleep under 4 sets of blankets if things get too cold. I'm not expecting that to be in the game, but at least make the beds harvestable so we can use the cloth to repair clothes. Maybe even let the beds degrade so we need to repair the bed we sleep in.

The using knives/ hatchets to fight wolves has been mentions a million times already. Still no word from the devs if this is even considered as far as I know.

Fishing will be implemented.

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