Mac Visual Issue?

Grey Warden

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Just recently bought TLD on steam (a little sad I missed the kickstarter, though!) and wanted to install it on my fiance's macbook in addition to my PC. He called me into our room when it loaded up on his Macbook, and this is what I saw.


He tried being a trooper and playing through it, but the first 30 minutes of it were too much; the snow blindness mixed with bright green dots everywhere had won the battle! We tried changing all the setting we could, but nothing fixed it :[

So, this begs the question...

As a Mac noob, how would I go about fixing this issue with TLD on my fiance's Macbook? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! And once again, sorry if this is the wrong forum for this!

- <3 Grey Warden from Edmonton

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You could also try playing around with the settings. Sometimes these effects are only visible with certain visual settings active, like Anti Aliasing or special lighting settings. Don't know the different settings TLD offers but you could try disabling every possibility one by one and see if any of them resolve the problem. But I'd try the updates first.

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Ive run this on a 2009 Macbook, 2013 13" MBP and 21" 2012 iMac, all on Yosemite and earlier on Dev Previews and only had a graphics issue on the iMac. I deleted to Local file of TLD and reinstalled it, and hasn't seemed to happen again. yOu could of got a corrupted download, so try that.

PS: My earlier graphic issue was nothing like this one though and I would also download GPU Test from Geeks 3D and stress your GPU and Graphics card and see what pops up.

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