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I know this is going to sound a bit cheaty... and I suppose it kind of is, but I don't care about the leaderboard or anything like that. I would just like to know if it's possible to have 2 save games going at once, and if not, if it's possible to move the savedgame into another folder somewhere to play later.

I'd like to start a new game for the purposes of making a short (read: playing as recklessly as possible) lets play for a community I'm a part of, but I don't want to compromise my current save. I've survived nearly 20 days and I know I can last quite a few more. I've reached the rhythm of survival where I can probably ride things out for another 20 days or so, possibly longer. For my own satisfaction, I'd like to be able to push my limits on that save. But for the sake of doing something different, I'd like to start a game with a clean slate for a while.

So is it possible to have 2 games at once, or would a new one automatically override the other? Alternatively, do saved games sync between devices through steam? If not, I can attempt to play on my laptop instead.

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The savegame is in the folder: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Hinterland\The Long Dark\alpha_slot0002

If you copy out those files, start a new game and at the end copy the old stuff back in, you can continue to play where you were before. The savegame will no longer count on the leaderboards, since it will tell you that "savegame inconsistencies have been found". If you start a new game after that however, the next run will be eligible for leaderboards again, so this will not "break" your opportunity of getting on the leaderboards forever.

I myself have roundabout 30 savegames, one in every bunker and one in every location, one with duped items, one with a lot of lanterns and then two or three where I'm fooling around with degradation atm. So yes, it is possible to have multiple savegames. :)

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