#243 Transferd venison do not appear in inventory (v.143)


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I put some cooked venison from the drawer into my inventory.

Then I closed the transfer menu and opened the invetory over control panel. I selected "food and drink" but there was no cooked venison. Then I tried to retransfer the meat. Nope, no chance.

Here are 2 screenshots:



And I’ve noticed that the drawer has a load that is too big. Didn’t he new that being encumbered is absolutely not recommendable? ;)

I play the current version of the game but with an old gamesave. Might be that the problem? (The encumbered drawer problem exists since the last version of the game.)

I do not want to restart my best run so far unless it is very necessary. 13 days is huge for me.

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I've moved this post out of the regular bug report section to here. It discusses bugs/functions/content from v.143 while the only current public version is v.138

Please remember everyone, only discuss details about versions not available to the public in the Scout section only.

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Oh, this was really unintentional. Thanks for pointing it out. Big sorry for that. Next time I will check the public alpha version twice.

I have to add something to the problem of this topic:

I have started a new sandbox session and found out that the bug still exists. So if I transfer meat from the drawer, I can’t see / eat it from the inventory. Outside of the Office Camp the meat appears and I can eat it. I can see the meat in the transfer menu.

I will test this behaviour with other containers, etc.

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