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Hey all.

I play a lot of different games. I probably have 15 games on my Steam account I haven't yet had the chance to install.

TLD drew me in because it's a survival game with a gorgeous look to it and zero zombies. I debated buying it for about a day, not sure I wanted to get into another bad alpha situation. I've been burned by other early access games. Once I started playing it I discovered I can stream it too (my CPU can't handle streaming many of the other games I play).

I spend a lot of time hanging out on other people's streams as well, enjoying all the different approaches, opinions and tips. Sickly, one of my favorite things is watching new players die in under a day, like I did the first time.

Any criticisms I may have of TLD should be taken with a grain of salt as this is the best Alpha version of a game I've ever played. I have played full release versions of games that aren't as well polished as TLD is in its alpha state.

I just wish I could remember where I heard about the game. Weird.



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