Greetings From A Fellow Canadian Dreamer


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Salutations you Hinterland fellows!

I have to say, what an amazing concept and what a fantastic game The Long Dark is so far. As a Canadian myself (who lives a bit closer to the location of this game than you, I might add - but not that close), I am very proud of you guys for finally making a game which takes place in this awesome country. Not that making a game about surviving the brutal freezing wilderness of Canada will do anything to curb the myths that our entire country is just like that, but you guys are doing such a great job that I really don't care. ;)

I was just recently thinking that somebody needed to make a realistic game where the goal is simply to survive. I was so convinced that this was the best idea for a video game ever that I went on the hunt to see if anybody else had already thought of this same concept, and I was determined to make one myself if I couldn't find anything. I was thrilled to find this game, but somewhat bummed that the Kickstarter was already over and I wouldn't be a part of it's early stages. I promptly purchased the Director's Cut from your website and have been struggling to survive ever since.

I design logos for a living, but my real passion is exploring and living in worlds that were created by gifted people like yourself (I'm a huge Myst fan as well), and I am seriously considering branching out into that area. It would be a dream come true to work on projects like this for companies like yours. I will continue to research and discover what exactly I need to learn in order to be able to contribute best in creating such amazing experiences like this one, and in the meantime, will keep trying to live one day longer in The Long Dark.

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Hi risen2conquer,

a warm welcome. (I am assuming you need it after playing a few hours of The Long Dark.)

In every myth there is a bit truth, I think. So let’s bring that to the whole world. I can feel your passion about this game. I feel the same. Glad you found the game and this community.

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