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Hello all of you ;)

Who I am u see under Topic Introduce urself

Well i made some thinkings while explore the long dark.

It should be possible Cooking without loosing time or melting snow, mean u should be able to start the fire, and start cooking, and while its cooking u can leave ur house, or doing smth else, if u to late back the food could be burned (but gives u time manage other things) Water can be gone if u late for example ;)

To get Wood it should be possible to harvest ur own, not only go on a imagine trip. (Also Dry ability to dry the wood next to an existing fire)

It would be nice if u could destroy items ( recycle them for new usage ) For example destroy a bed giving wood... destroy chair, take pillow for make fire.

fishing should also be implementated because i saw fishing houses on the see ;) would be nice.

And i think it shouldnt be that way the man or woman eating like a pig, it should be realistic ;) but also realstic hard to manage what u gathered, the man gets to fast exhausted, he should be able walking more.

Therefore it sounds like make the game easier, but its not.

It should be harder finding deers, ability to find a map or create a map should be also possible ;)

And a Deer should give more Meat then a Wulf. It's better hunt a wulf for food then deer at the moment.

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[x]/[+] for yes; [ ]/[-] for no; [/]/[...] for suggestions; [?] for requesting more details.
1. [] Be able to move while cooking, melting and boiling water.
2. [] Be able to manually forage wood.
3. [] Destroy indoor furniture for resources.
4. [] Ability to dry wood next to fires.
5. [] Ice fishing
6. [] Players shouldn't eat like pigs.
7. [] Make it harder to manage what you gathered
8. [] Slower exhaustion
9. [] Decrease fauna,
10. [] but increase amount of meat on deer.
11. [] Implementing a map or mapmaking skill

1. [x] I agree for boiling and cooking, but not for smelting. As has been discussed elsewhere, you need A LOT of snow to create 1L of water, so the time would be required to move back and forth snow, adding it to the pot to melt it.

2. [x] I would like that to some extent, but it should not be the only way to get wood. because then you would simply collect a lot of wood at the start and then you would never find wood again, which would suck.

3. [] You can already do that by foraging indoor, but I don't know whether it can be implemented that those indoor furnitures will despawn. would be cool though.

4. [-] Would add to the realism, I agree, but I don't think I'd enjoy that feature.

5. [x] Is already on its way, as far as I know. :)

6. [-] I don't know what you mean by that, if you mean the sounds they make, I don't care, I think it sounds realistic.

7. [?] What do you mean by that?

8. [-] I think it is realistic if you consider that time is compressed 12x, so if you walk only from Trapper's Homestead to Camp Office, it will take you 10 mins, but your character will need 2h of walking in the snow to get there. So no, I think exhaustion is realistic.

9. [-] I like having more interactable things in nature, that has less bonus on it rather than having

10. [-] few stuff that gives a lot of things. So no to these two.

11. [x] There will be a map, as far as I know, it is just not implemented yet.

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