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Hello I'm Adrus

25 Years old, Im from Switzerland and playing different types of games strategy, shooter, rpg and so on.

I saw the long dark in steam ;) and after watching gameplay on youtube i thought to myself interesting ;)

Then i bought it and to explore a unknown world really makes me feel wow ;) Also the atmosphere of the game and graphics really nice! I went out of the lonely house where a MAP ending is near rails and the rangers house, in the night the window's glow :D so nice! but there isnt any light on inside (unlogical but nice)

im fascinated of the game ;) But i have much thinking how to improve, and if u have once a gun its getting boring ;) shooting dear, extraxt meat, cook meat, melt snow, boil snow, drink eat sleep, harvest wood, eat, drink, sleep, harvest wood, drink eat sleep, going low on meat, go to hunt and repeat all other things ;)

Unfotrunately u cant produce at the moment own ammo ;) So it works for a time then u have no other ability to get food ;)

Oh sorry its an Introducing of myself sorry :D

If u have any questions feel free to ask me

best regards Adrus

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