Dead bodies should not be "containers"


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I's fully support Trandors "snow containers".

The thing with storing in corpses is that even if it sounds stupid, bur it already works really well. I got already got used to several of my depots. Like "Max", "Carl", "Backpack" etc. It's easy to give them names, find them again etc. They even have a limited storage capacity etc, so I must think a lot to organize them.

I would of course not mind though if they were replaced with a red pennant or something, where I built my snow depot. So that the silly fact goes sway that I have stashed all my gear into dead guys .. ;)

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A small igloo, I like it! :D

I would indeed be making it (or them if I need more space) pretty close to my base. But many people also make stashes all around the map as a fall-back for when they are exploring/ hunting etc and need something quick. So if someone for some reason decides to make a snow container in the middle of the deadfall area or clearcut, they need to be visible enough to find them again. A small igloo would be hard to miss in an open field, so yeah that would work.

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