The wolf bug (v.138)


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Hello i just want to report a buck.

First i have to say you make really good work it´s the first bug i had.

I play on windows 7 with an intel 5 processor. And i have an nvidia geforce 650 m graphical cart.

Now to the bug. I was running with a rifle out of the Carter Hydro Dam.

I know that there was a wolf so i equip the rifle and make myself ready and then near the bridge the wolf

came. I focused on the wolf, he noticed me and make him ready to attack. But he went through my right sight

in this little hill on the right sight from the bridge. I was surprised and then the next second the wolf was on

me and i died. So he runs the wrong way and spawned a second later right on me. It was really sad because i had so much things in my base. The most saddest thing was that i cant load my game after the wolf killed me. So a wonderful round get destroyed.

I hope this could help you to reduce the really rare bugs. Go on the work you do it´s wonderful and it´s still like a real game.

With kindly regards Shadowwallbreaker

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