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Greetings from germany!

I managed to survive 102 days, 16 hours and 24 minutes.

How did I do that?

- I didn't waste a single bullet.

- I found the preppers cache.

- I found 3 deer, freshly killed by a wolf (so I could save 3 bullets).

- I found 2 hatchets, 2 hunting knifes and a rifle and I harvested as much scrap metal as I could.

- Most of the time I wore less than 12 kilo (so I didn't have to eat so much).

- I slept as much as I could.

Why did I die?

- I ran out of bullets. So the main reason was starvation

- If I had enough bullets I would have died because I didn't have any scrap metal to repair my stuff.

- Between day 70 and day 80 I had to destroy my last hatchet to get enough scrap metal to repair rifle and knife. From this time on I had to forage wood without tools.



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Well, obviously you know what you were doing, but did you have any bandages left? Because I usually found only about 10 to 15 bullets, so I ran out of bullets way before day 80 and used bandages and chased dear into wolves, killing them afterwards. So usually what killed me in the end was not the lack of food or that I had second to none clothing left, but getting food poisoning. Since I usually killed 2 wolves, then used 1 antiseptic, then bandages and slept back up. But once you are past your 4 antiseptics, you'll start waiting and using antibiotics instead, after you get an infection. But once you run out of that... Well, you can try scaring the wolves away, but that will only get you so far. :D

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To be honest, at some points I reloaded my Savegame, when a wolf attacked me or when I suffered from food poisining ;)

I read at the Steam Community, that a guy survived more than 200 days. I have absolutely no idea how you can survive that long, even if you reload your Savegames every time you have bad luck with something ;)

...on second thought... perhaps permadeath would be better. right now there are a lot of savepoints in the game (sleep, enter a house...), so it's easy to avoid bad moments. at some games (f.e. "don't starve") you have to live with bad luck.

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Well the current record is held by a guy who survived for 400+ days, most likely he respawned items or simply added a file the savegame folder, I already pmed the devs about how this can be done without the game noticing, maybe it will already be implemented on v.142. Or maybe he just fixed his condition at 100% and then went on sleeping till he was at 400 days. Either way, I think leaderboards will be completely reset upon launch of the full game, at least that would make sense.

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