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When you are attacked by a wolf outside upon sleeping, a new wolf is spawned, yet once you killed that wolf, the overall wolf population in your area is not decreased, meaning there are infinite wolves as long as you live. I Chuck Norris'ed my condition at 100% for demonstration purposes. The result is this:


And while I know that you shouldn't sleep outside, I still think that if you spawn a wolf on top of the player you should despawn at least one of the other wolves in the area.

I could tell that I was fighting the wolves that fled and those wolves got spawned back on me, yet not despawned. How can I tell? Well they were dead with 3 uncharged blows. How can I be sure they didn't get despawned?

Well they got stuck in the railings and other places. And were still in plain sight after killing about 20 wolves. :D


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