Changing Your User Name And Login Details


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Well, hopefully most of you have been able to log into your old account now that the new board is up and running.

If you're logged in, you can change a lot of your forum account settings and profile information by clicking the "User Control Panel" link in the top navigation.

From that panel, you can set up various profiles, forum friends lists, change your password email and user name, set your avatar, and a lot more...

For Username, Email, and Password changes -- go to your user panel, select the "Profile" tab, and then pick "Edit Account Settings" from the left side menu.

I'll let you explore all your new options, so just shout or PM me if you're having any problems.

For any users having trouble logging into their old account from the password change email links that were sent out, you can contact us at and we'll try to help.

Have fun on the new board everyone :)

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