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after u pick the man/woman, the other one dies in plane crash

flare gun,from crashed plane?

bow and arrows from firwood? bow/wire from plane crash (3-4 arrows to kill a deer follow blood trail in snow?)

animal traps from scrap metal

ice fishing (dig for worms like foraging) pouring boiling water on ground?

letters/diary on the dead bodies back story (carols wil lol )

putting fiber optic or red tips on iron sights (iron sights and wolfs are the same color)

cut scene when sleeping?

Thk to the The Long Dark team for a ace game (day 47 is my best )

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well there are certainly some interesting ideas there, but you keep talking about a plane crash and want to add content that is already available in The Forest.

The plane is maybe something you should find at the start of the story mode, but not the sandbox, in my opinion. A flaregun is overrated, flares will do you better in the canadian wilderness. Also: to make a good bow you would need wood that is young and flexible. now I may be mistaken, but cold wood is not very flexible. So maybe better simply add a composite bow to the arsenal of available weapons.

i also like the note idea, but unless there's over 100 different notes, they will get on my nerves pretty soon, because I don't wamt to hear Frank say goodbye to whoever every time I open a corpse.

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