A fire that doesn't just go out like a light.


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The fire system at the moment is a little off, to my mind. A real fire doesn't just go out like the ones in the game do. The flames die down and, even after the last pieces of wood are burned, the ashes will remain hot for some time. This is even more so in a contained fire such as a stove. The heat should remain for some time.

It would be nice if, for instance, a recently "out" fire could continue to cook food, or melt water for a time. It might take longer, and there might be an increased risk of food poisoning with cooking, but it should be possible.

At the present, the fires feel more like gas stoves than wood and it just doesn't feel right.

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I agree that a fire that's just gone out should still be giving off heat for some time, especially if it was in a stove. Although I don't think it should be hot enough to cook or boil water, but melting snow seems possible enough to me.

But more importantly, after a fire has gone out you should have some time to start a new fire using only a tinderbundle and new fuel. The heat of the coals could ignite the tinderbundle, saving you another match/ another try with your fire striker.

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