Some thoughts about not looting everything right away

Burning Bridges

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Something about long term survival, that is 50, 100 days and beyond.

My hint is when you begin a new game, you do not need to start looting everything. I am currently on a 52 day run and still leave some of the Lake cabins "in reserve". Never entered them, and will only open 1 per week for the remainder of the game. I found an almost complete set of clothing around day 48 (no decay until then). Although I made mistakes in the first weeks I still have plenty of clothes, and >20 cloth once I harvest everything that I won't wear.

I have watched many videos of people playing, and I often felt they were just cannibalizing the resources, eating, harvesting and running around encumbered with lots of stuff that they don't need.

Upon finding the bunker, they instinctively go inside immediately and start taking things, come out stuffed with water bottles etc. I think you don't have to encumber yourself with a ton of stuff on the first day, it only creates problems. Leave houses unexplored, and put back stuff that you could use later. Considering what I found "in between" I could have actually left most of the main places, too. Go find a tool like knife or hatchet, some clothes and tinder and start eating venison right away. What else do you need? During the first week, certainly not a rifle or toolkit. Don't start harvesting clothes that are still over 70%, instead wear them down first. You have time.

Keep in mind that what you have on the map is all you will ever get. The point is that you can loot when you know that you really need something, and you will still find stuff like clothes in perfect condition, whereas the stuff you carry or cram into containers will decay and give you constant worry.

I always try to first build up a reserve of food for a few days from venison. That also requires wood, and of course you want to have a supply of water too. So, that should become your first priority during week 1, not exploring the map.

It also keeps the game more interesting imo, for once you have looted everything there is no more hope to find something, and thats a guaranteed motivation killer.

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