I killed Fluffy with my bare hands... more like BEAR hands!


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My heart is still racing...

I spawned right next to a wolf who started to follow me, so I ran like a fool with my flare out (unlit) along the frozen river and popped out right next to the Carter Hydro Dam. Right as I got near the bridge, I hear growling and another wolf appears from over the hill. I lite my flare but it didn't back down, so I threw it at the wolf. This scared it and it went running off, so I grabbed my now lit flare and booked it to the CHD.

I figured there was a chance Fluffy was inside, but I was going for broke. I ran in, down the steps towards Fluffy's usually spawn area and wham, of course, ran right into Fluffy. As you all know, Fluffy doesn't have time to worry about flares. Fluffy has people to eat, so my thrown flare goes unheeded as Fluffy attacks me. I fight off the beast but we are still trapped in a tight hallway so there is really no where for me or Fluffy to "disengage" to, so Fluffy mauls me again. I fight off Fluffy and...


I've survived all of 54 minutes with 1 wolf kill, 34 condition, expended my starter flare, a bandage, and antiseptic. Let's do this! :D

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I've survived for 15+ days thus far!

This is my longest successful run to date. I have hit all of the major areas and have gotten everything I need to survive for a while longer. My sewing kit is down to about 20% and my simple tools won't last too much beyond repairing a few key items once or twice, but I am happy with my progress. It would be nice to find the bunker, but for right now I am going to use my 15 rounds of ammunition to keep myself fed.

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You can repair the simple tools as well, make them last longer. But when you run out of sewing kits, that's a problem. I think we should be able to craft new sewing kits. And use leather/ hide/ fur to craft clothes, as the one none renewable resource that is a problem in this game is cloth. In the current version of the game it's important to try and keep your clothes as long as possible. Wear things down, before harvesting them for cloth.

If you still have 15 rounds of ammo and decent clothes, you can keep going for quite a while, as long as you don't make a mistake... Like I did on day 25, with a huge pile of wood, 4 rifles 3 hunting knifes and 2 hatchets, several sewing kits and 2 sets of simple tools left. Also a pile of clothes and cloth and spare metal. And then I go to sleep for 6 hours with 1500 calories and having drank my fill and die in my sleep. I was at 9% condition and expected the sleep to heal my like it always did. Not sure what happened, as the game only said I faded into the dark or something along those lines. It didn't say if I died from dehydration or starvation (both not possible) or from freezing (not very likely either, since I was in a bed in the Camp Office). But now I do try to not let my condition drop that low and if I do I sleep for shorter periods.

Anyway, good luck on surviving longer :)

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