When I come home


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When I come home, first I love my wife, and then take off my skis and backpack.


1. Backpack is clothing.

2. Clothing is backpack.

3. Clothing constrains movement.


a. Without a backpack I can carry only few items in the hands and pockets, but I move a lot faster.

b. Even an empty backpack has a weight.

c. Naked player has only two hands (two slots inventory) and hidden slots for clothing.

d. How naked player can ignite furnace? Adding materials to the furnace, sequentially? or increase the amount of inventory slots naked player? or restrict inventory by weight?

e. Wearing clothes (jeans, jacket) was added a few more inventory slots, for small items (matches, tinder, etc.)

f. Backpack removes the restriction on the number of inventory slots (or increases the weight limit?)


A simple game in the beautiful and harsh region. You make a good game. Thank you. And sorry for my google english (

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