Someone to trade or exchange goods with


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the idea of Someone to trade or exchange goods with.

After all the ammo is used up, one day the end is near anyway.

By the way... would there be a way to run it on and on?

At the moment I think no.

Once, all ressources are used, the end is set.

Harvesting wood, shooting wolfs and Deers, melting and cooking water...

Am I wrong?

C.U. R.E.Z.

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Well if you are out there now, after a while you will not have anything worth trading, since the condition of every item is dropping fast. And also: if there is a trader, where does he get his supplies from? In games like Fallout 3, the goods the traders have simply restock after a certain period of time. And basically, you can buy unlimited goods if you have enough time to wait for the respawn. That would bother me. If there was a trader somewhere and he gets special goods somewhere, I would want to go with him. Not stay behind in my hut, gnawing at bones, trying to survive with almost nothing. I would follow the trader, no matter where.

At the moment, yes, there is a limitation to what you can do after a certain while in the game. But remember, we are in Alpha. This is the first version of the game that runs stable and can be played safely and smoothly. There is still a lot of content to come. So don't worry about this yet. You will get plenty of things to do, once the entire game is finished.

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