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The ability to somehow domesticate a wolf would be a very neat feature. It could be very useful for a hunting aid as well as sensing other predators that may be stalking the player. Then come to the aid of him/her to protect them. If done right it can add a different sense of immersion that a lot of games have attempted to create. Nobody likes when the companion of the protagonist is hurt or killed, especially a dog or anything you may have made an emotional connection too. In fact it can get very emotional for some. On top of worrying about your own well being in-game you could choose to take on the extra responsibility of taking care of a dog for a few extra perks that will help out in the long run. Your slogan "How Far Would You Go To Survive?". Imagine having to make the ultimate decision where your starving, cold, with the feeling of desperation creeping in from the darkest recesses of your mind. Your companion who has been by your side through thick and thin is injured with no way of helping or saving, looks to you for help when you know you are unable to do anything... What do you do next? I leave that up to your imagination.

Love what the game is becoming, and I hope you take my post in consideration.

Thanks for taking the time to read this for those of you that did.


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although I like the idea of having a companion in general, domesticating a wolf is not that easy. Even domesticating stray dogs is quite hard. so if anything, stray animals like wild cats and dogs should be added, that can be domesticated when you are in a village.

The only way to tame a wolf would be to find a cub and raise that thing.

And I think I've said in other threads before, I do not think that I would like this feature in the current Sandbox Mode. Either this should be part of the main game or be part of some advanced survival mode.

As a suggestion for tame dogs, add huskies so you can put it in front of your sleigh :D

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