Feedback, 54hours in, legit 500 days survival on the horizon


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Hello, first thing first this is a fantastic achievement and has massive potential thus my feedback. I have really enjoyed first 54 playtime hours of the game. But now suddenly it all starts to fell dull and repetitive manual work where all the problems seem under control. I can attach or send log if someone wants but dont want to give any massive spoilers here but i am sure anyway that you devs are aware of facts i am about to list:

- Food is not a problem. 1000 days worth of food is easily available and i am pretty sure that you run out of other things earlier (provided you understand that surviving is not a 5* resort hotel).

- Food poisoning is also not a problem as you can eat 95% + condition food all the time beside first 20 days with proper strategy

- Foraging wood is FREE with current hunger, fatigue and condition systems.

- Provided clothing is sufficient for a long long time provided you understand how to store items.

- More or less the same goes for other crucial materials which you can maintain for long time with proper storing.

So now i have a problem. I am at day 65th. I have fired 2 out of 30 bullets. Have 18 scrap materials stored. Eat only 100% food. Have 10 flares. Untapped medicines. By my math i can easily get to 500 days +. I am not exposed to any danger, infact probably i will not see a wolf for next 400 days on paths i have to go. So why bother ? Why copy/pasting what i did last week with exact actions and exact movements for next 400 days ? 40 hours of dull hard work just to find out what will run out first ? I dont think so.

So here are my suggestions for future:

- Please work on AI pathing and on events that would disturb routine.

- Game needs unpredictability and uncertainty.

- Improved AI pathing, specially wolfes. They are so predictable that i consider them pets which hunt for me when hungry. Random movement is needed to move to next level, predictability is a game killer.

- Survivor/Hardcore mode - game is only saved when you quit and you cant quit during an event (wolf attack, etc) No sleep saves, no building saves. As this is survival game i cant stress how important it is to simulate the tension of beiing forced to not do deadly mistakes.

- In general give us more options to customize difficulty but do define what is normal mode and i would love to see hardcore mode.

- Ability to survive - for example assemle a radio and call for help, you can still play forward if you want to or progress to next map BUT you can be selfsufficient off the map.

- More maps and bigger maps. Random random random. Yes, please, randomize everything you can on map. I dont want to learn in guides where to find gun.

- When you learn the ropes of the game it gets repetitive - eat sleep sleeep sleep forage sleeep sleeep sleep forage sleep sleep hunt, etc. Playing optimally currently requires you to leave house for few hours 2 days a week - give incentive to go out, gathering medicines, better health with varied diet. I dont have many ideas here but you can figure something out, i mean if i am looking at 100 days of tedious routine i want this routine to be disturbed and i want that routine is not optimal play. A

- obvious more wildlife, polar bears, more items, crafting, fishing, etc. Just dont overdo it as game is already well balanced.

- 1x 2x 5x speed. I still receive all the penalties but dont waste 15 minutes dragging myself while encumbered and exhausted. Not high on priority list as it could waste the fell of game...

- And yes, while i dont mind fluffy had he jumped me on my first play i would get totally wrong idea about the game. I dont mind such sick surprises but dont overdo this, even with wolfes behind every corner i feel this is pushing the limits of plausibility. Although currently they are really stupid and i see them as sorf of a pet which you eat after they kill deer for you. Good wolfie.

- Oh and yes. Think about implementing second health bar, curretnly living with 880 calories on average a day gives you no long term health issues which is unrealistic.

Kudos to devs btw, this is the game i did not know i am waiting for. Already great but could be fantastic.

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Could you send me the log? I'd be highly interested in what technique you've come up. 150 days seem plausible, but any thing exeeding that... I don't know. So I'd like to have a look and see with my own eyes. :)

Just drop the thing on and send me the link per PM, or post it here.

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Sure, PM with complete log sent, i am not grinding for 40 hours of repetitive actions just to get to leaderboards anyway so why not. You will get a general feel of what i am doing in, strategy for storing is not visible but not so hard to find out with little testing. You will see that after day 29 it all starts to fade in cycles repeating every 20 days. Also i am so lazy that i just shoot the bloody stag in front of cabin and i am not bothering to double meat output per bullet as just with shooting stags i can last for 650+ days, adding wolfs to mix gets me to 1000 days without respawning venison meat bug, respawning food or any other "hack".

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I'd like that log as well, if you don't mind.

Question: what version of the game are you playing currently? From what you write I'm pretty sure you see a lot more wolves and deer than I do, at least since version 1.38. In earlier versions there was a lot more wildlife walking around.

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