Traps, Sleds, and... Customization?


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Here are a few things I would like to see in future versions of the game:

1. A larger animal variety. From what I understand this is already being worked on?

2. Animal traps! Once more animals are introduced (such as rabbits) it would be nice to have the ability to set animal traps.

3. Craftable sleds. Carrying raw animal carcass across the snowy wilderness isn't the brightest idea as a survivor. However, using a sled to carry the entire animal and then salvaging its materials next to camp is a much better idea!

4. Customizable campsites and shelters. I'm not necessarily suggesting really intensive customization, but being able to remove dead bodies form the inside of shelters would be nice! Perhaps the ability to display stored supplies as well.

5. Procedurally-generated maps. There are several benefits to using pre-made maps. I understand that. It would, on the other hand, also be a lot of fun to be left to explore the seemingly endless Canadian wilderness! This only makes sense from a survivors perspective. Once an area runs out of resources, why bother staying? The game as of now turns into what is essentially a hunting game once the resources run out.

6. More realistic wood foraging. Considering the game takes place in the middle of a forest, finding wood should be a lot easier! On that note, hatchets degrade way too quickly (unrealistically so). Also, please consider the idea of introducing saws (also considering you're in a logging camp) to cut down trees and obtain a decent source of wood.

7. Snowshoes! Craftable snow shoes to help save calories while traversing the snow as well as make travel a little faster.

8. Slower clothing wear. The clothing in the game wears down slightly too quickly.

Those are my suggestions for now. What do you guys think?

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I would love the procedurally-generated maps. Endless hours of fun ahead :D

Well clothing wear and hatchet degradation will certainly be adapted over the course of development before the game is released.

All in all, I think these are all good suggestions. +1 to all of them :P

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I am not so sure if we will ever see procedurally generated maps. The engine seems not to be made with that kind of game in mind, and I don't think they want to start over.

If you are interested in that kind of thing better have a look at Outerra:

I don't know if anyone will add real gameplay to it, but the procedural terrain is already surpassing everything most companies can achieve on their own. It gives you a whole planet, not just a few square miles as most games.

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I like all of these ideas, especially the sled. Once the game area is larger, a sled would be a nice way to increase your carry load, allowing you to move from one zone to another without making multiple trips!

Procedurally generated maps would also be nice, but I suspect the best way of doing this would be to have an exit on the final, completed, game area that would lead to such an random map. That way, once you have cleared the pre-made maps area of the sandbox, you have a place to go that will be random and increase the playability of the sandbox. That random area would itself have another exit that would lead to another random area and so on. In effect, you could travel on indefinitely that way, hunting, scavenging and surviving, if that was your interest.

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