Coffee &/or Caffeine &/or "Hot" beverages


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A drink or food that gives a "boost" to your fatigue status. Sometimes I just need a few more minutes of run time to bring back a haul, and I wished I had something that could provide that. Possible suggestions include making some of the soda caffeinated (EX: Summit Soda yes, Orange & Grape no) and/or maybe adding caffeine to the "Energy Bar" as well.

Also, "coffee" could be interesting as we could "cook" (brew) it.

Another note on that, would be to add hot beverages, like coffee (w/caffeine) & cider or cocoa (w/o caffeine). The obvious addition here is like I suggested above, these drinks could give a temporary "boost" to your warmth. However this would probably need to include some additional game mechanics, like an insulated carrier (Thermos) that loses heat overtime.

Adding to the above note about "cooking" the coffee, maybe if the ingredient was instant coffee, we could have it in stages where "mixed but not brewed" provides a caffeine bonus but no heat bonus. (The brewed coffee in a thermos would be the ultimate drink, adding warmth, caffeine & a few calories -- though hard to obtain & extra work is involved).

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I was thinking of something like that myself. Warm beverages to give you a cold bonus, like the lantern, ideally combined with the need to have a thermos bottle.

It could also be combined with a moral meter, meaning that delicious little rewards like a hot coffee and sugar from time to time restore a bit of morale. No need getting into the issue of cigarettes or alcohol because maybe that would put too many people off. But something along those lines (coffee, tea, sugar, soap) restoring morale would make a lot of sense to me.

It does not need to be complicated, like a individual coffein meter, no.

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