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I added a mod to include users Steam profiles

Copy your Steam profile link like this or and put what’s in bold into the Steam field in your Profile (access Profile settings by clicking the "User Control Panel' link in the header).

I figured it might be worthwhile adding just in case we get one or two users who just happen to like videogames.

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Okay Okay -- I know my beyond short list of Steam games is an embarrassment... but you can get an idea of what happens when you've filled in your Steam account in your user profile, and other [registered] users click the little Steam icon which shows up under the mini profile beside posts

(hint - click the Steam icon under my post profile to see what it does)

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I'll take that back. Can't get the steam connection to work. All it does is take me to the steam community main page. Am I doing something wrong?

You put in the whole link to your Steam page -- but you only need out your Steam user name [e.g. the part after .../id/ in the URL].

So in your profile, just put [fade]nirium[/fade] in the Steam field.

Let me know if that worked for you (I did the same thing when I first tried) :mrgreen:

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