Hinterland Nominated For International Award

Bill Tarling

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Assemble all Hinterlanders!!!

Hinterland Games has been nominated for the UK GamesIndustry International award for Most Promising Start­Up of 2013!

They need your vote [there's only going to be a very short window for public voting [the Awards are being presented at the beginning of May] -- and this is a rather prestigious high-industry level award with international visibility.

More than ever, we need every single TLD backer, fan, and friend to cast your vote ASAP

You need to register [it's free and painless], but I'm hoping as many friends, family, and contacts can help by dropping in their vote for Hinterland Games and 'The Long Dark' to help bring them some well deserved international recognition.


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Just a quick reminder for everybody to get in a vote for Hinterland [it's a pretty huge industry award]

You will likely need to register first (it's free, easy, and there's no detailed information needed).

I know they were behind schedule trying to make voting open to the public, so I don't know whether you'll see a new note on the nomination screen [which is where the voting options will show up] about your email not being a known/recognized one in the industry. If that happens, just go to the bottom of the nominations [right above the user comment section] and click "Upgrade Account" -- don't worry, it's all free, they just need you to fill out a couple short things.

If you're not in the industry [most of us won't be], just select FREELANCE and try something like "Gamer" or "Blogger"... it usually takes a business day for them to manually turn on your voting access [may be faster now that voting is almost over, which is why we need to vote right now]

There are so many fans and backers in here from around the world -- so lets show them Hinterland really does have international appeal. 8-)

There's not much time left for public votes so get yours in today if you can

http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2 ... s-vote-now

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Well, Public Voting is now closed... I'm hoping at least a few more Hinterlanders were able to take a few minutes to cast their votes for the Hinterland Team. It's a rather big industry award, so the community support to help with any votes was very important if Hinterland is to have a chance against such strong industry competition.

The winners will be presented with their trophies at the award ceremony at GameHorizon in Newcastle, England on May 7, 2014.

Lets hope enough people remembered to vote -- it would be awesome to see Hinterland receiving a high press coverage win.

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I know that this thread is little old but it is sad that Hinterland didn't won the award :cry:

I mean that even if it was back in March that it was the announcement, TLD is so much promising and it is getting more promising day by day.

Anyway, devs....I hope that you will prove them wrong and win more awards <3

Don't counted them out yet (unless I've missed something) -- the awards aren't until No 21, 2014

Hinterland and The Long Dark are nominated for 6 awards :mrgreen:

The "Finalist" list you may have seen so far is for the 2013 games -- The Long Dark is in the 2014 category ;)

http://www.canadianvideogameawards.com/ ... long-dark/

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