Events that take place after a certain time


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the idea of letting certain events happen (randomed?) after a certain time f.e. :

- the sound of a plane in the far and of an explosion, at a far distance - the plane is crashed.

no survivers but goods and stuff to collect

- a arctic slide or vehicle that got stck somethere. Only tracks lead to it. No survivers but things to harvest and to pick up.

- after a while some kind of new places, that where hidden under the snow that store stuff to pick up - like snow piles. The snow lown off by the wind and setting them free after a certain time.

What do You think?

C.U. R.E.Z.

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Too much of Day-Z in there for me. If you start the sandbox in TLD, it says your plane crashes after some kind of geomagnetic storm. If you accept that, then you have to accept one simple fact: All electronic devices are gone. Destroyed. Kaputt. There will be no plane flying and crashing later, there will be no vehicle you can find after a certain time. Either it's there at the start, or not at all.

What about snow melting and revealing stuff? Sure, that sounds good enough, the question is just: Where would you like to add that. Because as of now, there are no seasons, so it would be hard to give a good explanation why this stuff is suddenly there. Other than that: Sandbox is for survival, all you would be doing is holding out the inevitable, so your suggestion would be more something for revisiting old maps in the storyline, I think. :)

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