Create your own survival gear!

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I found this cool little site that allows you to come up with your own gear for surviving the apocalypse.

Lets see who can come up with the best kit!



1) Total weight can't be more than 20kg or 40lbs.

2) 1 primary weapon and 1 secondary, ie. rifle and a revolver.

3) 1 item / slot in smaller pockets and 2 items / slot on larger. 2 small items count as 1, ie. 2 protein bars = 1 item.

You can see my kit for guidance regarding the item / slot rule.

For simplicity's sake, lets say that your character needs to survive for 5 days all alone with the gear, before finding his/her way to a friendly outpost.

Remember to include EVERYTHING you need. You can't shoot a weapon without ammunition, use a lighter without lighter fuel etc.

Feel free to come up with a little background story for your character or explain why you chose this item over the another.


So here's mine:


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Yea, it's not perfect. But it's still a bit of fun.

Mine came out to 18.6 Kg but like you guys mentioned I'm pretty sure some of those things don't weight anything.

Though now that I'm looking at yours, it looks like I could have packed some of my items even tighter and not had to have so many pockets.

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This was harder then I expected. I feel like there's not enough room to put everything. I mean, between my EDC and my GHB I think I'm carrying far more than I can cram into these slots :)

But then again, I'm not carrying any firearms (or ammo), since those are prohibited over here.

I crammed a lot of small items together in pockets to make it fit. Still, I think all those items should fit in reality. I didn't include the lighter fuel, because I carry BIG lighters, but those weren't on the list.

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I went as realistic as possible basing this on actual things I'd have handy, or could grab nearby very easily. The canned peas are more symbolic then anything, I'd probably have canned stew or something in it's place.


As for my knife, this is the style of hunting knife I have, but with a better grip.


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I created a new set of gear for myself (not sure why my previous one is gone...), this time trying to stay in the TLD setting as much as possible, so no electronics and only gear that is in TLD or at least should be IMHO :)


This is if I were trying to get to safety, if I were sheltering in place many of these items would be in my shelter instead of carrying them around all the time. Much like how I do things in TLD :P

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here is my survival kit...


i based this kit on stuff i actually have at home, im only 12 but i own one big hunting knife and a hatchet and the crossbow is supposed to be a compound bow, ignore the phone and stuff i forgot, and all is under 20 kg.

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