Random or not random? This is the problem


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Everyone ask for random map, random buildings ecc ecc but please ..DECIDE

I was very near to death and become crazy searcing the bunker in the middle of the storm


After i discovered that the bunker's location is randomized.. why?

Sorry but i'm not agree of that. You cant put all structure in the same place and ONLY ONE randomized.

All or nothing this is my opinion.

Or main buildings and scenarios like carteer train railway fixed and all little houses random not only the bunker.

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I am for all! it would give this game a fresh breath each new game and remove all the little cheats such like these player's map where all the goodies/places are clearly mentioned which is so detrimental to the concept: You are are all alone, in a complete wild unknown (and dangerous) place... The map already use multiple copies of the same assets (cabins, dead animals, etc...) it just need a little more work and some randomized placing algorithms (following some rules of course to not have a cabin in inaccessible places...).

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Well I'm all for all randomized, if that is an option.

However on the case of the Prepper's Cache: I actually like that there is one spawn on a map that will require luck to find it or at least work to find it. And besides: it is not randomized, it spawns in one of 9 locations. I think it was an excellent idea of the devs to include one "rare spawn" location, so you can keep players motivated searching for it. At least it did for me, for one or two days.

The problem with randomizing a map is that there will be a lot of room for floating stones, falling off the map and what not. I imagine it will be a lot harder to program that than to have a fixed map.

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