#225 Endless 'Burn Healed'


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In the Logging Camp, I was once clumsy enough to walk into one of my campfires, which gave me a nasty burn.

As this was my first time with the 'burn' ailment, I had to consult the tab menu to see what to do. Well, I had no painkillers at the time, but I administered a bandage. From there, I resolved to let the burn heal on its own because I was at least ten days in, and any hopes of finding painkillers was slim.

In case it matters, I did also contract food poisoning and dysentery on separate occasions during the time I had my burn.

Among all the sleeping I did for those two ailments, I was delighted to see that the burn had healed as indicated by the 'Burn Healed' message at the bottom of my screen.

However, I was a bit puzzled to see it continuously reappear again and again after it had faded away. At first, I thought that I had suffered multiple burns, and each one was healing separately. I remembered that I had stored some painkillers in one of the lockers within the dam. I considered the possibility that I would need to take the painkillers to heal them all at once instead of this 'one at a time' process. So, I went there and took some painkillers to hopefully remove the red medkit icon from the screen that also hadn't vanished, but it never went away. Neither did the 'Burn Healed' message at the bottom that kept blinking in and fading out. Also, my maximum health never went over 75% regardless of how long I slept after the game claimed that my burn had healed. I tried another treatment of painkillers and bandage, but it never went away.

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