Survival School: Clothes - can't pick up bear hide

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I'm standing in the Forestry Lookout, directly on top of the bear hide lying on the floor next to the wood stove, but I am presented with no text like you would normally see when you interact with an item, and clicking on the hide brings up no options to pick it up. I've even scuttled around the entire lookout aimed at the floor attempting to pick it up in case it was a graphical glitch. What's going on here?

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Weird. I had no issues interacting with it. I guess post it as a bug. Any chance you can restart from a checkpoint? I went to the lookout pretty early on and found it there before I knew what it was for... So hopefully it isn't permanently bugged for you. 

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10 hours ago, dmbjt said:

It is part of a quest, so if you aren't on the quest you might not be able to pick it up. If not try dropping something on it like a sewing kit then try to pick it up.

We're on the quest. It's a bug.

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