TLD could be the ultimate Survival game if....


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... the map were fully randomized each time a player enter a new game. Procedural worlds are the future of these infinite sandbox experience. Look at the hype around "No Man’s Sky" game! Outcast and Diablo opened the way, "Sir, you are being hunted" shows a very good use of this tool which is not too far from the graphic and game design of The Long Dark.

It appears that the bunker location is randomized already, so why not take this to the next level and apply it to all the locations, settlements too?

The main bore of the game is precisely that when you know your way around, it's becoming easier and easier and quite boring... randomized map/region would be awesome to make every game a full survival experience in itself with all the magic of your first games when everything was new, dangerous and scary.

Just my 2 cents...

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