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I would love if there was more variety of things the character says when I find stuff or go places. If I was hungry and finally found something to eat, I wouldn't say "That could come in handy". I would be more like "YES, AWESOME! FOOD". And then I would probably suck that thing in whole, all the way looking like Allie from hyperbole and a half does with cake.


Similarly when entering a new place, I would not simply start searching everything. I would first say something, like "Hello, anybody here?". Or is our character already this disillusioned that he or she already knows they are the only one left?

Here's some more examples:

Starving, searching container:

  • [Find non-food item:]
  1. [Not what I was hoping to find]
    [Damn, I wish I could eat that]

[Find food item:]

  1. [Finally!]
    [Oh, this looks so good right now.]

Freezing, searching container:

  • [Find non-clothing item:]
  1. [That's no good to me now.]
    [Well, it's better than nothing]

[Find clothing item:]

  1. [Just what I needed]
    [i hope this warms me up at least a little]

Sick, find Antibiotics:

[Whew, I was sure I was done for.]

Searching a container and coming up empty should also have some comment on it, maybe depending on what container you searched.

  1. [Damn, I was sure there would be something in here.]
    [Come on, who would put an empty box here?]

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