Gameplay mechanic idea. (involves dropping items)


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So I have been on a binge of horror movies lately and it sparked an idea.

WHen you are running from something/to something (sprinting, or exerting yourself beyond a normal sprint) you could have a chance of dropping any items you are currently holding in your hands.

so basically.

1.) you have a chance to drop any items currently in your hands when you sprint for longer than you normally can (sprinting beyond your regular sprint time can also physically hurt you).

2.) If you are freezing, or not wearing gloves your hands react slower, so it takes you longer to do mundane things, and you can drop any held item when your hands are either frost bitten, numb, shaking, etc.

3.) If you are starving/Sleep deprivation you loose grip fast, so you can only hold items for a short duration when in this state. And you easily drop items when you are startled; by either a noise or whatever.

- being startled or surprised can be deployed as immediately changing the camera focus point to the general direction of the noise.

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  • Hinterland

Cool ideas, Tristan. Thanks for sharing.

Generally, I think players don't want to end up dropping things "by accident", in other words due to circumstances beyond their control.

But, we actually do already have the idea that when you are very cold, it's much harder to perform tasks that require a lot of manual dexterity.

And dropping things (intentionally) is something that features in gameplay as well.

Keep the ideas flowing!

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  • 6 months later...

I'm against the chance-to-drop a held item based on conditions. It would break the immersion for me. It prompts me to think "I WOULDN'T do that in real life". What I mean it takes away player agency. I'm fine with actions taking longer, (don't forget hand shaking animation), with fumbling to reload my gun while I'm freezing, but heck no, no items dropped to the ground please.

The only situation in which it could work, would be if a player drops an item while he falls down a slope. It works, not only because it's realistic, but also because the event is caused by a player choice, and if wouldn't have happened if the player paid more attention. But having it happen automatically, based on conditions which are more or less outside immediate player control feels really cheap.

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