8AM PST! Where is Story Mode??

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59 minutes ago, thekillergreece said:

If it's XBOX One version, it's been delayed till 9AM Pacific time. That's solely blamed to Microsoft, not the dev himself as they wanted to sort some stuff, not sure what. As for steam? It's released!

It's almost 10:15 AM here in Utah and no Story Mode for XBox1 yet! Microsoft sucks!!


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6 minutes ago, BellamyATL said:

It will update when you try to launch the game. It kept crashing when I tried to launch the game over the past few minutes, but just now triggered an update. 

Oh, fantastic. That worked. It's downloading now :)

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PC version working just fine for me here in Montreal ... 

I'm rating story mode as "OK" right now ... it's not holding my attention as I thought it would.  Blaming the three year wait, false starts and general excessive hype for that.  Not much different from the sandbox mode, in my opinion.

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Apparently not everyone gets the update at the same time? I'm on pc and I'm unable to download the Story mode update.
After all these years I can wait longer of course... but I expected it today on pc. :(

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