Hinterland has been ranked #1 by Canada Business Review!

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Our team has been given the number one spot in an article by Canada Business Review titled Top 10 gaming developers in Canada.


We're really proud just to be on this list with so many great game studios, including Klei, the makers of Don't Starve, and AAA behemoths like Bioware and Ubisoft. 

Thank you again everyone who has supported Hinterland and The Long Dark over the years!


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I concur with Jafo.

grateful player here, 

you definitely earned the number one spot hinterland ❤ 

This is truly a wonderful game set apart from the others, a breath of fresh air (heh heh)

the past few years have been tolerable with a cup of coffee, warm blanket and TLD.

thank you all for your dedication and hard work!


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10 hours ago, thekillergreece said:

Improved cooking system, wolf versus bear fights and sort of stuff!!!

 Yeah, definitely. Including improved firemaking.

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