Altering the Spawn Pools for Variety and difficulty


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So, each game we play, we know that we are going to get some specific items somewhere. There will be a gun, there will be bullets, there will be clothes, etc. I would like to see the devs create "pools" of items where you would not necessarily always get the same items available.

For example:

1) have a pool where no gun spawns, but you receive extra hunting knives (to get meat from wolf-eaten deer) and extra flares (to scare away wolves).

2) have a pool that gives you only one hatchet but extra other items from which you can repair more often.

3) Have a pool that gives very limited warm clothing, but additional cloth from which to repair.

The idea is that you would be able to survive similar lengths of time with each of the different pools, but you wouldn't know which pool you get in the beginning. It would add to the dynamism and require you to think a bit more on your feet. If you get a pool without a gun, and you spend all your time looking for it, you will probably die from lack of resource management. Whereas, if you do not find a gun right away and you start using your wits to acquire meat without the gun from the beginning, you will more likely survive.

I know my pool examples above are not the best formulation, but hopefully you get the idea of what I mean.

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