Salvation just before the wolves hell..


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Was starting near the lake, good start in a familiary zone..

find the raillway..survive from hungry and cold..

Going to the gallery..blocked..wind..freezing

Stay on the left and continue..finding like a mirage..the hounting house!

Woah now i understend why it is in all wallpaper of this game..

But..saw a little barrac and decide to go there just a minute before explore the fantastic house..

Nothing in the barrac..but ..turning left..FOG! can't see my salvation i was..

At the end going stright away can found this great house..

Can start in the morning for other destination..bad day..wolves..hurt..cold..

finding some barracs and the point lookout (hoping to see something from the high of it)

Nothing to see , restart in the morning and.. other problems.. but whn i was

in the middle of a storm..i found a manhole..

I was thinking to be in the movie "the road" same sensation..for the second time

my salvation..

Restart..good day..sun, water and all i need on my shoulder..

but something goes wrong and was without forces..

14% ..walking slow into the storm (luky because know the way)

ner a the moment that i open the door a wolf attack me..

Entering the door with 2% and a triple view..

After that for another time can survive eat drink and so on..

I was very happy, proud of my 4th day with my 70% and a lot of stuff remaining

Good day..see some animal but not hunt..i was only happy , with a lot of meat so don't need to haunt

And more happy when i discover the rail again and..what i wanna saw..the paper factory! with the dam

Really enter..

Now..i remember a fkng youtube video about a guy who died into this place without possibility to survive but..

i was thinking..noo..he was in the dark..the wolves are rumor..all is quite..

Damn all wolves in the hell! I was looking around excited for my biggest place in the game when..the same wolf of the youtube guy..attack me..i survive but he returns another time immediatelly..and my mouth was like

:o :shock: :o :shock:

Any case:

This game can transmit emotion..

Is an alpha and he gives me more than other..

when i go bad with a saved game..i feel the cold..for few minutes

Every time in the game you think to be near to die..there is omething can save you

And when you finally're sad of it.

Thank you for that..

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